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XR 770 Harrow

The XR 770 eXtends Your Harrowing Capability

The capability of Bourgault's new XR 770 eXtended Range harrow (available in 70' and 90' working widths) eXtends beyond a traditional harrow, incorporating user-friendly features that deliver consistent residue management resulting in an even and smooth field finish.
Design Overview
The XR 770 employs an 8" x 8" fixed height frame design with 10 foot wide independent sections that are connected to the booms with parallel arms.  Each section delivers 7 Rows of harrowing power with ½" x 22" tines creating an effective 1.4" spacing across the XR 770's width.  This design combination has a superior ability to both contour, as well as leave a more even and smoother field finish than a traditional heavy harrow.
  • Standard 10' harrow sections each have 26" of independent vertical travel for even results even in extreme contouring land.
  • Hydraulically controlled boom wheels allow the operator to greatly reduce distance to fold and unfold the unit.
  • As well, the XR 770 borrows proven features from the established Bourgault 7200 Heavy Harrow.  These features include the 7200's durably constructed cart, boom, auto-fold design and double acting cable design which gives the operator the benefits of a cable and a solid draw without any negative effects.  
ADF (Adjustable Down Force)
The primary ground-breaking advancement that sets the XR 770 apart from the competition is the development of the patent pending, in-cab Adjustable Down Force system (ADF).  This design employs hydraulically controlled down force or up force to each harrow section ensuring a uniform field finish even when contouring to the extremes.  ADF ensures that the down force of the harrow section:
  1. is constant regardless of contour position,
  2. is isolated from other adjustments, and,
  3. is easily adjustable via hydraulic pressure.
Large Tires Provide Exceptional Flotation
The XR 770 Harrow is grounded with large, hi-flotation 21.5 x 16.1 main frame tires, as well as 13.5 x 15FI duals on its wings providing unprecedented flotation for a harrow bar.  The wing dual wheels are mounted in board to avoid field hazards such as posts, trees and rock piles. 
eXtend Your Harrowing Capability with the XR 770 Harrow
The operational range provided by the new XR 770 harrow design has eXtended performance in three related aspects:
  1. The 770 eXtends beyond a mid harrow to have the ability to deliver the field finish of a light harrow through to a heavy harrow,
  2. It eXtends the range of field conditions it can operate in and still do a good job, and,
  3. With its ability to be effective in tougher conditions it eXtends the working hours per day and thus acres that can be covered!
Carbide Infused Tines
Bourgault offers ½" x 22" (13 mm x 559 mm) tines with carbide infused weld surfacing on the bottom 3" of the harrow tine face.  Testing has shown this feature will double the life of the tine.  Customers have the option of carbide on the front two rows only (highest wear areas) or the whole unit.

Hydraulic Jack Option
An optional hydraulic jack provides the operator an easy method of lining up the harrow tongue to the tractor hitch.  Once the remote is activated in the tractor, the operator can use a valve located on the hitch to adjust the height.

Limited Release for 2017.

Bourgault regrets that pricing is not available for your region. Please email a request for product pricing to bourgault@bourgault.com - specify your location and the models you are interested in.