Manuals & Testing - X30 & X20
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Operator's Manuals & Instructions
Topcon X30 Apollo - Complete Manual
Software (v3.20.513) (PDF - 19mb)
Topcon X30 Apollo - Complete Manual
X30 Tank Calibration Video
X30 Tank Calibration - 7000 Series
X30 Tank Calibration - 6000 Series
ISO Apollo Tank Calibration - 7000 Series
ISO Apollo (2015 Model Year and later) (Video)
X20 Calibration - 6000 Series Air Seeder
X30 Guidance overview
X30 Apollo (V3.18 & older) (PDF)
X30 Apollo / Bridge Features and Benefits
X30 Global Home Screens
X30 Access levels (user controls)
X30 Blockage Monitor
X30 Headland Manager
X30 Tank Optimizer
X30 Seed Rate Control Overview
X30 Area Counters
X30 How to Create Implement Customer Profile

    Function Test
    7000 X30 Apollo with ASC
    7000 X30 Apollo without ASC
    7000 X30 Apollo - Base
    7000 X30 Apollo - with Auto Section Control
    7000 X30 Apollo - with Auto Section Control & NH3/Liquid Sectional Control
    7000 X30 Apollo (v3.18 & Older) Videos
    Topcon X30 Seeder Controller
    with In-Cab Bridge (IB1)

    7000 Series Air Seeder (Video)

    7000 Series Air Seeder (Instructions)
    6000 Series Air Seeder  (Video)
    6000 Series Air Seeder (Instructions)