Setup & Updates - X30 & X20
This section provides software updates, operator's manuals, and setup information for various features including tank optimizer, headland manager, quick start & team viewer.
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Controller Software & Firmware Update
X30 Monitor Software & ECU firmware
X30 Detecting ECUs
X30 ECU Profile Set-up
X30 ECU Error Codes
X30/Bridge Software Install Instructions
X30 Set-up
X30 Bridge "Reboot" Procedure
X30 MDECU Update - 2.8 - 3.6
X20 Software Update v2.3.7.1
Topcon X20 v2.3.7.1 (zip file download)
X20 Software Install Instructions
X20 How to Upgrade Software in an X20
Convertion from X20 to X30 IB1 Kit
Monitor / Controller Setup
Monitor Set-up
X30 Set-up for version 3.16.36
X30 Set-up for version 3.18.xx
ISO Apollo Monitor System - Setup
ISO Apollo (2015 Model Year & after) (Video)
X20 Monitor & External Parts - Outline
X20 Monitor & Components - Descriptions
X20 Com1 Error - Fix
X20 Touchscreen Disable
X20 Air Seeder Monitor - General Overview

Five part presentation on setup and operation of the Topcon X20 air seeder monitor created in Aug 2010.

GPS Set-Up
GPS: Pro 600 set-up for X30
GPS: Pro 700 set-up for X30
GPS: Starfire 3000 set-up for X30
GPS: Starfire ITC set-up for X30
X30 - All Versions (PDF)
Disable Greenstar Task Controller
GPS: FM750 or 1000 Trimble to X20 Set-up
GPS: Greenstar II to X20 Set-up
Topcon X20 (PDF)
GPS: JD Starfire 300 to X20 Set-up
Topcon X20 (PDF)
GPS: Outback S3 to X20 Set-up
Topcon X20 (PDF)
GPS: Trimble ez-Guide 500 to X20 Set-up
Topcon X20 (PDF)
GPS: Pro 600 to X20 Set-up

Various Setup Instructions
Digi-Star Scale Setup Procedure
Blockage Set-up for X30
Team Viewer Set-up for X30
How to use Quick Start
Quick Start Set-up
Team Viewer Set-up