Section C - Basic SeedingBourgault Customer Service Centre

Seeding can be an intimidating operation, especially with a new seeding system.  If you are new to the Bourgault X35 Apollo, plan to take some time prior to seeding to run through the various functions and practice with empty tanks.
Bourgault has prepared several presentations below as examples of how you can become acquainted with your new seeding system.  Once your confidence grows, you will be more comfortable utilizing the beneficial features that fit your operation.
If you have not already done so, review Series A. First Time Setup and Series B. Functional Test to make sure the drill is set up correctly and ready for seeding.
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C.1 - Basic Start
This video begins by explaining the working setup and some of the more critical functions for starting a seeding job.  It also shows how to set Pack Master™ for consistent packing results during seeding, and Track Master™ so the openers will lift and lower with the master on/off switch.  These features can also be turned off when first getting familiarized with the X35, and activated when you are more comfortable with the drill operation.

C.2 - Adding Auto Section Control to Basic Start
Once you have made a few practice rounds with the Basic Start, test how the Auto Section Control feature works.  Make a few passes then "seed" across these passes to observe how the sections turn off and on automatically.

C.3 - Adding Lift Master™ to Basic Start
The third video adds the Lift Master™ feature so the drill will automatically lift the openers at the headland, or anywhere where the field has already been seeded.