Section D - General OperationBourgault Customer Service Centre

The X35 provides a huge array of features and functions for ever farmer.  The stand-alone topics below provide instruction on specific features or tasks for the X35.
The material available below is applicable to all X35 software versions unless noted otherwise.

D.1 - Console Toolbar
The X35 provides dedicated for turning off the controller, adjusting brightness, and global screen management. The console is accessed by scrolling up from the bottom edge of the screen.

D.2 - Area Counters
For each tank and field, the X35 will record the treated area, ASC savings, product used, operating time, average rate and productivity rate. This video shows to customize the area display to your needs.

D.3 - Drill Control Explained
This video explains the three main functions of Drill Control: Lift Master™, Pack Master™, and Track Master™.

D.4 - Pack Master™ Calibration
In order to operate effectively for consistent packing force, it is important to calibrate the Pack Master™ feature as shown in this guideline.

D.5 - 7000 Series Tank Calibration
7000 Series Tank Calibration with X35 & Xtend, Part 1
The first of this 2 part presentation demonstrates setting up and collecting product samples, then entering the weights into the X35 via the Xtend app on a tablet.
7000 Series Tank Calibration with X35 & Xtend, Part 2
The second part of the calibration video completes the process by running a 2nd set of samples to ensure calibration accuracy.
Calibrating a Bourgault 7000 Series Air Seeder with an X30 Apollo System
This presentation covers how to perform a tank calibration without the Xtend feature. The demo uses an X30 controller, but for all intents and purposes the process is very similar to calibrating with the X35 without the Xtend feature

D.6 - Packer Operational Tips
Turning your packing pressure off temporarily during a tight turn or going through a wet spot can help reduce wear and downtime in the long run.

D.7 - Tank Optimizer Application
The Tank Optimizer is an effective tool for configuring the air seeder to achieve the most effective us of the compartments.


D.8 - X35 Apollo Simulator
You can bring the X35 controller into the office and run in simulation mode to become more acquainted with it's operation. It is also a good opportunity to load product information and field boundaries prior to spring.

D.9 - Seeder Controller
SRC Screen Overview Icon
The Seeder Controller section of the controller allows you to enter product types, set and adjust rates, view area applied, and status of the air seeder fans. This document provides an outline for the Seeder Controller section of the X35.

For Software Version 4.01.501

D.10 - Xtend Feature, Tank Fill Wizard
Tank Fill Wizard Icon
The tank fill wizard steps you through the process of entering in product information during the fill process.  The Xtend application allows you to do this right by the air seeder. This document provides step-by-step instructions for operation.

For Software Version 4.01.501

D.11 - Hose Routing Verification - Auto Section Control
It is important to verify that your hose routing from the primary manifold to each section on the drill is correct.  This simple procedure will verify that the valves on the manifold are controlling the appropriate section of the drill.

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7000 Series Tank Calibration with X35 & Xtend, Part 1