Product Distribution System - Frequently Asked Questions
1. Does every secondary (off of the primary) receive the exact same amount of product?
2. When the secondary has a different number of ports (or a run is plugged) won’t that compromise the distribution since each secondary is receiving the same amount of product and will the ones with fewer ports be putting out 15-20% more product per run?
3. Should I put the secondaries with fewer ports (i.e. 5 vs. 6) on the outside wings because they have the longest hoses and receive less product than the middle secondaries?
4. Do sharp angles and curves in the Bourgault system cause seeds to crack as they hit the sides of the pipe? Does the seed crack as it hits the top of the primary or secondary manifold?
5. How concentric and tight do the primary lines need to be from section to section (where the rubber connectors clamp them together) to prevent seed damage?
6. When I take a seed hose off of a section in the middle of the drill, there is a lot of air coming out. When I take one off of the outside sections, there is noticeably less air coming out. Does more air mean more product and less air mean less product?
7. Why did Bourgault go to the 7" pipes when I had no trouble hitting my product rates with my 6" pipes on my old air seeder (66' drill)?
8. Does Bourgault test every single configuration of air kit they sell?
9. Does the larger 1" tertiary hose put on more product than the standard 7/8" hose?
10. Is it important that all the tertiaries are orientated with a downhill slope?
11. Is the primary manifold plumbed in a specific sequence vs 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 etc and does it matter?
12. Which side of the drill is section number one (left or right)?
13. Why can’t I get enough fan speed (when empty)?
14. Why were the primary manifolds moved off the drill (7000’s)?
15. How much oil is required? Why not just order high capacity fans for both circuits?
16. How much hydraulic pressure is required? Is it important to change to ¾" couplers?
17. Why not just use one fan?
18. What factors contribute to secondary hose wear? Why not just turn the fan up to the max and operate?