6000 Series Streamliner - Australia 

6000 Series Streamliner

State-of-the-Art Liquid Fertilizer Application

The 6000 Series Streamliner air seeder is a variation built around the legendary 6000AU series air seeders. These models feature state of the art liquid capabilities and control without complication. Each Streamliner model features two tanks for dry, granular products as well as one well-proportioned liquid tank for a complete streamlined all-in-one air seeder package.
  • The Streamliner’s design, with its centrally positioned liquid tank, helps to provide optimum stability for the entire air seeder.
  • The complete liquid fertilizer metering and distribution system will provide accurate, consistent flow for liquid distribution.
  • The liquid fill docking station and tank top panels are made of 4 mm, grade 316, stainless steel for long life and corrosion resistance from spills.
Note: The Streamliner Series is available only in Australia.