7000 Series Features & Options - Australia 

Load / Unload Equipment

Load Quickly & Effectively

You can choose between the 15" belt Load/Unload Conveyor, or the 12" dia. Load/Unload Deluxe Auger, each designed to minimize your fill times.
  • The 10" dia./15" belt load/unload conveyor provides approximately 110 bu/minute loading rates, while the 12" dia. load/unload Deluxe Auger is rated at 145 bu/minute.**
  • Both the conveyor and auger are controlled by a remote control.
  • In addition to controlling the conveyor/auger, the remote also turns the fans off and on and displays weight from the load cell option.
  • As a precautionary measure, a manual backup is located on the tank.
** Note: Rates based on dry barley.

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