7000 Series Features & Options - Australia 

KNEX integral tank system

Inter-Tank Flexibility Up To 5 Different Products

The 7000 series provides unprecedented flexibility with 4 main tanks, and the ability to subdivide the largest tank, and an optional 5th tank (the Saddle Tank).
Note: The Model 7950 is not available for the Australian market.
  • KNEX, the patented integral tank design, allows all four main tanks to meter individually, or, several tanks can be combined to meter as one.  Refer to Specifications for examples on tank configurations.
  • Tank 1 takes this design one step further.  A compartment within the tank (the FLEX bin) does not have its own meter, but the can flow into tank 1 (1 + FLEX bin), or can be diverted to tank 2 (2 + FLEX bin) in a matter of minutes. This added feature provides even more flexibility to utilize the impressive volume of the 7000 series air seeders for different cropping options.
  • The optional Saddle Tank (tank 5) mounted on the left side of the 7000 series is designed to make seeding bagged product, such as canola or granular inoculant, as easy as possible.

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