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3420 Paralink™ Hoe Drill

Outstanding Seeding Productivity! Now in 80'!

Available in both 24.4m (80') and 30.5m (100') working widths, the 3420 PHDTM employs the proven 3320 PHD design with the added technology of the revolutionary TransFoldTM folding system (guided by the X30 Apollo system) which allows you to span up to 100' on the 3420-100 in field position and transform into an equally impressive 5.6m (18'3") transport width!
The TransFold™ System
Designated as the TransFold™ fold back system, the unique design provides a transport envelope that is narrower than most wheeled 4WD tractors. The TransFold™ system is controlled by the operator through the X30 Apollo system. Watch the TransFold™ engineering unfold in the following video:
Reduced Transport Stress
One of the most important benefits the narrow transport profile will provide operators is the reduced stress when meeting traffic on narrow roadways. Road safety for both the farmer and the people who share the road with farmers is noticeably improved. The 14 wheels positioned under the drill during transport spreads the load of this large drill, reducing the chance of "losing it" on a soft shoulder. In addition, the transport height is 5m (16'6"), so farmers typically will not be in danger of overhead obstacles such as power lines.
The back four sets of 3420 transport wheels can be controlled by the operator via the X30, to steer the drill and tank around intersections and through approaches. When going around a corner, the operator can select a left or right turn to guide the drill. Once around the corner, the operator can then reset the wheels to "Drive Straight".
Forgiving Over Uneven Ground
Another feature of the 3420 PHD is its ability to contour in undulating conditions. The rear walking wheels are actually positioned between the second and third rows, shortening the effective contour depth. Contouring is further enhanced by the six-plex frame construction. Whereas the main frame of a traditional drill is solid, the 3420 incorporates an additional hinge about the center, which is supported with a pair of 380/55R22.5 wheels. Despite the incredible width, the 3420 will easily follow the dips and draws that are present in many fields.
The 3420 Treads Lightly
The flotation achieved by the 3420 is surprising, even despite its size. A unique approach to maximize flotation is the TreadLite™ system; comprised of two independent 21.5 x 16.1SL rear wheels that fold down in field position. The TreadLite™ system contours independently of the rest of the frame, providing constant down pressure regardless of the drill's position. This down pressure is factory set, based on drill configuration, to ensure optimal load balance between the front, in-frame, and TreadLite™ wheels. In addition, six 21.5x16.1SL caster wheels at the front ensure this immense drill keeps working even in challenging conditions. Although this concept does not lend itself to the large diameter tires and unparalleled flotation of a hi-flotation 3320 (HF), an operator who has seeded two seasons with a 3420 prototype commented that it has better flotation than their standard 3320 (non hi-flotation) Paralink™ Hoe Drill.

Along with the unique features listed above, the 3420 Paralink Hoe Drill maintains the proven engineering and convenience of the 3320 Paralink Hoe Drill. 

PHD Seed Opener Assembly - The 3420 features this innovative parallel link seed opener assembly.
XTC Seed Opener Assembly - The 3420 is available with the XTC opener, a unique design which includes a tighter opener-to-packer distance and one-to-one contour ratio.
  • Strength & Durability - The superior design provides adequate weight to penetrate into hard soil yet still provide even germination.
  • You Have Choice - Choose between a number of seed openers and packer wheel options to achieve the best seeding results for your operation.
  • In-Cab Packer Pressure Control - Adjust packing and opener force on-the-go.
  • Go With the Flow - The hydraulic configuration on the 3420 QDA efficiently utilizes the tractor’s hydraulic system to adjust packing and trip force for the banding coulters and seed openers.
  • Dependable Seeding Consistency - The 3420 QDA will provide good results in a wide range of seeding conditions.
  • Precision Seed Placement - Precision Farmers the ability to achieve consistent seed placement, even in undulating land with the 3420 XTC.
  • Superior Field Finish - By utilizing a narrow edge-on shank, the seed-only openers displace a minimal amount of soil.
  • Effective Vertical Penetration Force - Expect excellent soil penetration force when required.
  • Optimal Fertilizer Placement - The 3420 Paralink Hoe Drill is available with hydraulically actuated MRB® III nitrogen fertilizer applicators to provide optimal location and minimal risk in a one-pass seeding system.
  • Drill Control - The X30 Apollo system offers Packmaster™ and Liftmaster™, two different drill control features to help farmers gain greater effectivity of their seeding systems.

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