Air Seeder Features & Options - Australia 

X30 Seed Rate Controller (SRC)

Unprecedented Control of Your Seeding Operation

Bourgault's partnership with Topcon Precision Agriculture has developed the most flexible and accurate variable rate control system available on the market today. One of the greatest benefits of the X30 is monitor size - at 12.1", one of the largest screens available! This large, highly detailed color graphic interface increases the overall user-friendliness of the X30 system.
Capture current settings at a glance.
The X30's large color interface allows you to capture your current settings at a glance. Air seeder functions are customizable to suit your viewing needs. Switch view priority with ease by simply "dragging and dropping" the view you'd like to make as your priority screen---this functionality is available without having to switch back and forth between screens increasing overall convenience and efficiency!

Additional features that make the X30 the new standard in seeder controllers:
  • Variable rate control for up to 8 products, including NH3 or liquid fertilizer (refer to the Specification Page for more information for liquid / NH3 control),
  • The X30 manages the Bourgault Auto Section Control option for granular sectional control on 7000 Series Air Seeders,
  • Automatic on/off control based on coverage map, 
  • Headland Manager uploads established field borders so that the headlands can be seeded last, 
  • Improved graphical modelling of seeder path---this is very important for accurate section control functionality, 
  • VR Wizard makes uploading prescription maps fast and simple, 
  • Inventory Manager simplifies file storage and transfer,
  • Job Export provides a summary of completed work including as-applied maps for each product,
  • Tank Optimizer gives recommendations on unit setup based on products and rates in order to maximize acres/fill,
  • Customizable dashboard view,
  • Bourgault specific factory loaded seeder profiles for initial setup.

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