Air Seeder Features & Options - Australia 

The ISO Apollo System

Basic Seed Rate Control

The ISO Apollo System is ISO* compatible and provides Operators with an seeder monitoring system along with basic rate control features on their tractor's built in Virtual Terminal screen.
The ISO Apollo System is designed to take advantage of the Virtual Terminal found in newer tractors of most manufacturers for full monitoring capabilities, basic rate control options, and reduced clutter in the tractor cab.
  • Air Seeder Monitoring - Operators are provided feedback on critical air seeder functions such as fan RPM, calculated metering rate, calculated product remaining, and area applied.  Possible critical conditions including bin level low, low case drain pressure, and zero metering shaft RPMs are monitored and the operator alerted if required.
  • Basic Metering Control - Supports up to 4 metering augers, displaying calculated rate application and calculated remaining product.  It also provides two preset rate options per product, as well as incremental rate adjustment, allowing the operator to "bump up" or "bump down" metering rates during seeding.
  • Product Settings Index - Conveniently store data for up to 16 products on the system, including calibration factors.  This eliminates the tedious work of entering product and calibration data each time you change products.
  • Calibration - The calibration feature provides an easy 4-step process to calibrate.  Common keypad controls makes product calibration a snap from either in the tractor cab or the air seeder tank.
  • Blockage Monitor Support - The ISO Apollo System is capable of displaying an optional blockage monitoring package based on single sensor per section.
  • Easily Upgradable - Owners can easily upgrade to the X30 Apollo System if required.  The ISO Apollo and the X30 Apollo share the same air seeder and implement harnessing, so an upgrade typically requires just the X30 controller display and tractor harness.
The ISO Apollo System ties into an ISO implement harness that is standard on newer models of most major brands of tractors.  If an ISO implement harness is not present, one may be ordered from the tractor dealership.

NOTE:  The ISO Apollo System does not support Variable Rate Control (VRC), Auto Section Control (ASC), or 5 tank metering.  To accomodate these and many other features, producers will require the X30 Apollo System.
* The term "ISO" is used in reference to ISO 11783 (commonly referred to as ISOBUS) and is a communication protocol used in the agriculture industry.  A tractor must be equipped with an ISO 11783 compatible virtual terminal for operation of the ISO Apollo system.

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