Air Seeder Features & Options - Australia 

ISO / X30 Apollo System

Unprecedented Control of Your Seeding Operation

The Apollo System provides farmers with the choice of a complete monitor system displayed on the tractor Virtual Terminal Screen, or the X30 controller for full capabilities on rate control, auto sectional control, and guidance.
The Apollo Systems, new for the 2015 season offers two different options for Air Seeder electronics.
  • ISO Apollo System* - designed to take advantage of the Virtual Terminal found in newer tractors of most manufacturers:
    • provides feedback on critical air seeder functions such as fan RPM, calculated metering rate, calculated product remaining, and area applied;
    • allows for basic on-the-go rate control such as preset rate options and incremental rate adjustments for up to 4 products;
    • stores up to 16 products with calibration factors for easy access;
    • supports optional blockage monitoring kits for single sensor per section;
    • easy after-market upgrade to the full X30 Apollo System.
Note: ISO Apollo does not support 5 tank metering, Auto Sectional Control, or Variable Rate Control.
  • X30 Apollo System - provides full monitoring and industry leading rate control features thourgh a customizable dashboard view;
    • the X30's large 12.1" color interface allows you to capture your current settings at a glance;
    • switch view priority with ease by simply "dragging and dropping" the view;
    • variable rate control for up to 6 products, including NH3 or liquid fertilizer;
    • manages the Bourgault Auto Section Control option for granular sectional control on 7000 Series Air Seeders;
    • multiple display options can be saved and retrieved, based on each operator's preference;
    • offers useful built-in applications including Headland Manager and VR Wizard;
    • Bourgault specific factory loaded seeder profiles for initial setup.
* The term "ISO" is used  in reference to ISO 11783 (commonly referred to as ISOBUS) and is a communication protocol used in the agriculture industry.  A tractor must be equipped with an ISO 11783 compatible virtual terminal for operation of the ISO Apollo system.

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