Air Seeder Features & Options - Australia 

X30 Apollo System

Unprecedented Control of Your Seeding Operation

The X30 Apollo System is designed to be a true hub for advanced monitoring and control of your seeding system.  Realize full rate control capabilities, accurate data management, and time saving applications all on a large, full color 12.1" screen.
Capture Current Settings at a Glance
  • The X30's large 12.1" color interface features a heads-up dashboard, customizable to view up to 8 air seeder functions with 3 viewable items per function (watch video on X30 Display Setup);
  • A Primary View is set to the operator's most critical function, but can be switched with ease by simply dragging and dropping views as desired;
  • Smaller Mini-Views can be set along the side of the screen to display multiple air seeder functions without taking up excessive screen space.  These views can be interchanged with the Primary View as required;
  • Save custom screens to easily flip between displays. Custom screens save time by providing convenient access to personal display preferences or alternative seeding scenarios.
Full Product Control
  • The X30 supports full variable rate control of up to 6 products (5 granular products plus liquid or anhydrous);
  • Producers have access to preprogrammed seeder configurations based on model, size, spacing, and metering systems to make setup convenient;
  • The X30 manages the Bourgault Auto Section Control option for granular sectional control for 6, 8, and 10 section units paired with 7000 Series Air Seeders;
  • Develop and apply product presecription maps for Variable Rate Control;
  • Master Clutch Control - Using the coverage map, set the X30 to automatically start and stop product application accurately.
  • Blockage monitoring packages are available for detecting blockages on each air seeder section.
Handy Time-Saving Applications
  • Headland Manager uploads established field borders so that the headlands can be seeded last, eliminating openers working through seeding sections;
  • VR Wizard makes uploading prescription maps fast and simple;
  • Quick Start is designed to prompt the user to step operators through the necessary steps for proper seeder operation (watch video on Quick Start);
  • Job Export provides a summary of completed work including as-applied maps for each product;
  • Tank Optimizer gives recommendations on unit setup based on products and rates in order to maximize acres/fill (watch video on Tank Optimizer);
  • Calibration Wizard provides the operator with an easy to follow step by step guide for completing a multi-tank calibration.
Multi-Tank Calibration
  • Collect large samples, regardless of product rate, for accurate calibrations by having remote control of each meter back at the air seeder;
  • A "charging" feature ensure that the metering augers are primed with product, ensuring an accurate sample is collected;
  • Watch video on Calibrating the 7000 Series Air Seeder.
Auto Steer Capabilities
  • Add required components to an “Auto Steer Ready” tractor and connect the X30 for complete steering control.

The ISO Apollo System ties into an ISO implement harness that is standard on newer models of most major brands of tractors.  If an ISO implement harness is not present, one may be ordered from the tractor dealership.

Note: The ISO Apollo System is available for those who want a simpler monitor system with only basic rate control.  This system utilizes the Virtual Terminal found in newer models of most major brands of tractors.

Bourgault regrets that pricing is not available for your region. Please email a request for product pricing to - specify your location and the models you are interested in.