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On-The-Go Depth Adjustment

Achieve Active Seed Depth Adjustment with AccuSet™

AccuSet™ Technology
The hydraulic frame adjust 3335QDA Series is available with the ground-breaking AccuSet™ "on-the-go" seed depth adjustment option. 
Now you have the ability to adjust your seeding depth accurately and from the seat of the tractor, which allows you to seed into the moisture with ease.

Importance of Seeding Depth
All fields present the challenge of variable moisture conditions. This is due to many variables including topography of the field and variable soil composition. With AccuSet™, you can “bump” the seeding depth down to reach moisture on the high spots, and “bump” the depth up where moisture is above average.  This practice would be considered impractical before, but now is easily accomplished with AccuSet™.
"Smart" Cylinders
The AccuSet™ design incorporates “smart” hydraulic cylinders on each front caster wheel and rear carrier wheel of the 3335QDA seed drill. These cylinders are controlled through an app installed on your smart phone or tablet, connected to the device via Bluetooth.
The simple, graphical interface allows you to view and adjust the depth accordingly as you seed.
PLX Opener (Standard)
Taking advantage of the characteristics of the PLX opener, adjustment of the seeding depth and the MRB® or MRS fertilizer depth can be done independently.  Two sets of controls on the AccuSet™ app allow you to bump the depth of one without affecting the operational depth of the other.  The depth adjustment on the openers act as a "coarse" setting, allow you to raise or lower the AccuSet™ operational range when required.
PLS and PLDS* Openers (Optional)
The AccuSet™ app will have one set of controls that will adjust the depth of opener arms and MRB® or MRS fertilizer applicators simultaneously**.   This change in fertilizer applicator depth should be noted and adjusted for if required.
* Caution: On the PLDS opener, just like other dual shank openers, any depth change at the seed opener will be doubled for the fertilizer knife.  Excessive soil disturbance may adversely impact separation between seed and fertilizer.
**Note: The depth of the MRBs® or MRS™ fertilizer applicators will adjust by 2x the seed depth change on the PLS, and 3x on the PLDS.

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