Paralink™ Hoe Drill - Features - Australia 

Stay On Top

Hi-Flotation Opens Up Your Seeding Window

With the Hi-Flotation option, the impressive sized running gear will keep you on top of your field, and minimise any issues with compaction.
  • The large front main frame tyres provide 65% more surface area than the standard dual tyres, while the large singles on the front wing wheels increase the surface area by 27%.  The much larger footprint keeps the drill on top in conditions that would cause regular seed drills to sink.
  • The taller profile of the Hi-Flotation tyres will help prevent the front of the drill from “diving” in wet conditions, and reduce draft in soft field conditions.
  • As much as 70% of the weight applied from the drill to the tyres is transferred through the front running gear in a high draft scenario.  For this reason, the majority of the additional rubber is focused on the front of the drill.
  • Transport safety is greatly improved with the Hi-Flotation option, particularly on narrow roads with soft shoulders.  The wagon-style hitch provides superior tracking when negotiating narrow back roads and approaches.
Refer to Specifications for Hi Flotation configurations on applicable units.

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