Tillage - Australia 

9800 Rigid Hitch Chisel Plow

The Strongest Chisel Plow on the Market

The Bourgault 9800 Rigid Hitch Chisel Plow stands up to the claim of being the strongest chisel plow in the agricultural industry.
Hitch with Attitude - The rigid hitch is designed for power transfer and operating stability.
Strongest Chisel Plow Frame - The 9800 RHCP has a four row frame design with available shank spacings of 8" (203mm), 10” (254mm), 12” (305mm), or 15” (381mm).
Handle Maximum Residue - Bourgault chisel plows are legendary for residule clearance.
Transport with Confidence - The narrow center frame and over-center folding give the 9800 a narrow transport width.
Single Point Depth Control - Quick and effective depth setting.
Stabilizer Wheel Option - Maintain even operating depth in high draft conditions.
Convenient Tongue Adjustment - A wide range of settings will let you set the tongue height where you need it.
Side-to-Side Adjustment - Simple adjustments available to ensure even depth across the width of the unit.
Bourgault Spring Trip Assembly - Proven over the decades a the standard in trip design.
Dependable Hydraulics - Bourgault incorporates a superiour hydraulic design.
Single Point Depth Control - Quick and effective depth setting.
Side Draft Eliminators - Eliminate skewing in hilly field conditions.
Spring Action Mud Scrapers - Keep your wheels clean in wet conditions.
Titan Quik-Detach Arms - Mounted harrows and packers can be interchanged quickly and easily.
Mounted Harrows & Mounted Packers - Bourgault chisel plows are available with a number of mounted attachments to match your requirements.
Bourgault Trailing Hitch - The Bourgault 9800 Rigid Hitch Chisel Plow is designed for towed implements such as fertilizer caddys or anhydrous carts.

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