Air Planter™ 

eXact Placement Metering

Count On Exact Singulation & Seed Spacing

The XP Meter's™ performance is at the forefront of the industry in terms of in-row spacing accuracy, as well as very low seed skips and doubles.  You can count on Bourgault to deliver exact seed counts and spacing.

Positive Pressure & Placement
The Bourgault XP Meters™ use positive air pressure to hold the seed onto the planter plate, then deliver the singulated seed to the drill openers.
Precision Control & Monitoring

  • The electric drives are independently controlled through the Topcon Controller System to deliver exact seed counts per acre, turn compensation and elimination of seed overlap.
  • Each meter incorporates a seed sensor that allows the controller to monitor for skips, doubles, and to verify seed application rates.
Seed Meter Reservoirs
  • Each meter incorporates a vertical clear plastic column to collect seed from the drill inductor.
  • The cap on the seed column acts as a diffuser, allowing the air to bleed off through and the seed to drop.  Once the column is full, the seed blocks airflow at the screen to prevent any more seed from traveling up the line.
Meter Pressurization Fans
Air from another hydraulically powered fan enters in through the back of the metering housing, supplying the pressure needed to singulate the seed and deliver the seed to the openers.

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