Harrows Features & Options 

Advanced Harrow Features

Industry Leading Features on Bourgault Harrows

Bourgault incorporates a wide range of industry-leading features in the 6000 Mid-Harrow, XR 770 & 750 eXtended Range Harrows, and the 7200 Heavy Harrow.
  • Double Acting Cable - A Double Acting Cable design consists of cables linking the wing booms to the front of the hitch to take the working draft loads and a pair of cables at the rear of the bar limiting the forward movement of wing booms.
  • Automatic Boom Latch - The rotation of the main center boom activates the latches just before the harrows are vertically positioned. To ensure that accidental unlocking of the boom draws cannot occur, the latch can be quickly deactivated.
  • Auto Fold Lock - Bourgault incorporates a simple & strong locking system that will provide many seasons of trouble-free service.

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