Paralink™ Hoe Drills - Features 

On-The-Go Control

Adjust Opener & Packing Force From The Cab

With the Series 3320 & 3420 PHD™ you have electric-over-hydraulic control of packing & opener force from the seat of your tractor.
  • You have full electric-over-hydraulic control of packing & opener force from the seat of your tractor. Set packing force at a low 70 lb (30kg) up to over 200 lb (90kg) of force.
  • The Model 410 Control Box located in the tractor cab provides convenient control over the operation of Seed Openers and MRBs.  A pressure gauge is located on the control box for reference.
  • One click of the pressure control toggle will adjust system pressure by 50 psi (345kPa), which translates into about 3.5 lb (1.5kg) of packing force for the 3320XTC, and about 5 lb (2.25kg) of packing force for the 3320QDA and 3320SE. The hydraulic configuration on the 3320 PHD efficiently utilizes the tractor’s hydraulic system, resulting in minimal flow during the seeding operation.
  • A second pressure gauge is also located on the control block mounted on the main frame. A manual adjust override is also  build into the opener block as a backup to the electric control box.
  • The hydraulic arrangement is configured to set for the Seed Openers and MRBs to operate together or independently.
The 3320 & 3420 PHD is equipped with 1-¼" (32mm) diameter hydraulic cylinders on both variations of seed openers.

Drill Control - featuring LiftMaster™ & PackMaster™
The X30 Apollo system offers LiftMaster™ & PackMaster™, two different drill control features that provide greater effectively and efficiency to independent seeding systems.

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