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5730 Air Coulter Drill

5730 ACD the Cattleman’s Machine

The 5730 Air Coulter Drill is designed  for pasture land and hay land operators as a direct seeding system and fertilizer applicator. 
  • The 5730 Hayland Drill is available in sizes from 18' (5.5m) to 30' (9.1m). 
  • The 30 Series Fixed Height Coulter assembly provide a heavy duty opener with a 20" diameter disk.
  • The unique offset packer design helps close the furrow to protect seed and preserve moisture. 
    The packer wheel is partially offset from the furrow to ensure the soil flap is closed, sealing in the seed and fertilizer.Each packer wheel will deliver over 200 lbs (91 kg) of packing pressure.
  • Еру packer wheels offered on the 5730 included steel wheel 2¼” (57mm) and 3½” (89mm) wide, or a 3” (76mm)semi-pneumatic rubber wheel. Optional mud scrapers are also available on the steel wheels.
  • The 5730 ACD can be used for pasture rejuvenation due to its ability to cut through established pasture and hay land. 
  • The heavy duty construction and ability to cut through the most challenging material allows the 5730 ACD to seed where a shank unit would fail.
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