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5720 Air Coulter Drill

The Zero-Till Coulter Drill

The Bourgault 5720 Air Coulter Drill is the perfect marriage of two very innovative technologies. It incorporates the ultra low disturbance capability of the Bourgault coulter, along with the efficient placement of nutrients through Mid Row Banding.
  • The 5 row all coulter air drill was offered in 7" (178mm), 9.8" (249mm), or 12.6" (320mm) spacings. 
  • The 20 Series Fixed Height Coulter assembly is the key to the success of the 5720 ACD. The unique coulter assembly provides maximum residue cutting capability. The fixed height coulter hubs have a 2000 lb (907 kg) rating with grease-able triple lip seal and heavy duty tapered roller bearings. The coulter assemblies feature grease-less Perma-Glide® pivot bushings on a 1" (25 mm) chrome pin. The inside floating scraper and outside tine scraper will ensure the disc operates in every soil condition.
  • The aggressive floating closing wheel works behind the coulter opener to ensure the parted soil is moved back over the furrow to prevent the loss of product. Also offered was a grassland closer wheel which works in the same fashion as the steel closer wheel, but it provides a wider area of closing for the opened furrow.
  • Single point depth control allows you to change depth in seconds.
  • The 5720 ACD was offered with steel wheel 2¼” (57mm) and 3½” (89mm) wide, or semi-pneumatic rubber wheel 2” (51mm) and 3” (76mm) . Optional mud scrapers were also available on the steel wheels.
  • The 5720 is equipped with running gear for demanding field and transport conditions.  
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