Past Performers 

1460 Sprayer

A Distinctly Superior Sprayer

  • Patented Boom Break-Away System
  • Built for High Speed Spraying
  • Avanced Sprayer Control 
  • Designed to Accept Auxillary Tank & Dual Boom Systems
  • Positive Folding & Unfolding System
  • Drift Reduction With a Clear View
  • The high displacement suspensions and 5” x 5” wing booms were designed to damp out the effects of rough fields and will provide the smoothest ride.
  • The patented boom break-away system not only protects your booms from damage, but protects the caster wheels as well. If the boom does break-away, the caster wheel system will not allow the boom to swing back more than 90 degrees. This prevents subsequent damage which might be caused by an uncontrolled boom, protecting it until it can be returned to its normal working position
  • Advanced electronics provide reliable sprayer control. The heavy duty solenoids provide instant boom shut off.
  • The ability to fold half of the sprayer back to get into those hard to reach areas of the field is built in.
  • The optional auxiliary tank offers the ability to spot spray through a second boom and nozzle delivery system. 
  • The 1460 Sprayer allows you to go from field position to road position and back again in only seconds, even on hill sides or in rough field conditions. A cable assisted, positive folding system with a unique caster wheel toe-out lock ensures proper operation in all situations.
  • Loaded with Additional Features:
    • A 2” main tank pump for high capacity flow and quick tank fills.
    • An adjustable pressure relief bypass valve to limit system pressure.
    • Air chuck fittings to allow cleaning out of the system by using uncompressed air.
    • A dry chemical induction system to make loading chemicals as easy as possible. A rinse nozzle with a line strainer on the outlet side of the pump allows for rinsing and agitation of the mix and fill tank.
  • The Clear View Air Curtain has been aerodynamically designed using state-of-the-art computer modeling and analysis as well as wind tunnel testing. The wind works for you, not against you! The wind is “scooped” and redirected downward into the crop, ensuring that all of the spray pattern reaches the target. Wind tunnel drift testing indicates a dramatic reduction in spray drift with the Clear View Air Curtain as compared to an open boom. 

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