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6220 Fixed Hitch Coulter Applicator

Ideal For Application into Hay Land & Pasture

The 6220 Fixed Hitch Coulter Applicator, low disturbance, fertilizer applicator was ideal for farmers who want to get their banding done in the fall yet wanted to minimize residue disturbance.
  • The 6220 Coulter Applicator works well in stony conditions leaving them undisturbed as it passes over them.
  • The unit could also be used to apply fertilizer into hay land, and pasture.
  • The low draft requirements mean that a smaller tractor can pull a large applicator thereby reducing the cost of and time for application.
The Model 6220 Low Disturbance Applicator utilizes a mounted coulter disk to open a furrow in the soil to deposit product.
  • The Fixed Height Bander consists of a coulter disk mounted to a spindle arm which uses an extension spring to maintain pressure on the disk as it runs through the soil.
  • The coulter disc is an 18" alloy steel disc set at a specific angle to part the soil and produce a furrow. 
  • A steel closer wheel works behind the coulter opener to ensure the parted soil is moved back over the furrow to prevent the loss of product.
  • Also available is a grassland closer wheel which works in the same fashion as the steel closer wheel, but it provides a wider area of closing for the opened furrow. 
  • The outside tine scraper keeps the side of the coulter disc free of mud or clay buildup. This scraper is essential in moist, high clay soils.
  • The floating scraper scours the disc as it turns, preventing it from plugging under most conditions. Secondly, it helps maintain the furrow prior to the product being delivered into the furrow. Two styles of floating scrapers are available:
    • bullnose scraper - general all-purpose
    • carbide scraper - high wear, used in heavy clay soil
  • There is an optional set of liquid fertilizer/anhydrous ammonia tubes, that bolt onto the front of the seed boot mount. These tubes are used for applying liquid product or anhydrous ammonia.

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