Mid Row Banders® 

MRB® III Fertilizer Application System

Optimal Nitrogen Placement in One-Pass Seeding

The Mid Row Bander® fertilizer application system minimizes the risk of fertilizer damage to your seed by placing the crop’s nitrogen fertilizer requirements between every other seed row eliminating the risk of fertilizer toxicity and salt effect while establishing a high quality seedbed.

The MRB® III Fertilizer Applicator is the most advanced and durable mid row banding system offered by Bourgault.  Refer to this diagram of detailed information on the superior features designed into the MRB® III assembly.

MRB® Settings & Adjustments - The key to trouble-free operation is to check the Mid Row Bander applicators periodically and adjust as needed for changes in seeding depth or disc wear.  A special video presentation is available which demonstrates these settings and help producers achieve the best results possible.  MRB® III Settings & Adjustments Video
Closer Tine or Retaining Wheel Option - The outside closer tine or retaining wheel options are available for maintaining consistent soil retention over the furrow.  Which option will work best for your operation?

Mid Row Shank III - The MRS III fertilizer application system provides a viable option for producers that want to achieve optimal fertilizer placement with a simplified design. Learn more about the MRS III system.

Bourgault regrets that pricing is not available for your region. Please email a request for product pricing to bourgault@bourgault.com - specify your location and the models you are interested in.