Bourgault Model CD872 Frame Mounted Seeder

Coulter Drill Frame Mounted Seeders™Frame Mounted Seeders™


The CD FMS™ Seeding System combines the Bourgault heavy-duty steel air cart tank design with the choice of ParaLink™ Walking (PLW™) or ParaLink™ Row (PLR™) coulter style openers.
  • Available in 20', 26, and 30' operating widths;
  • Choose between 6½" (limited), 7½", 10", or 12" row spacings.

ParaLink™ Coulter Drill

The ParaLink™ independent drill is available in either a 2-row coulter drill or a 3-row hoe drill system

The CD ParaLink™ independent drill is built on a 2-row coulter drill platform:

  • The CD FMS­™ is available on 6½" (20' & 26' only), 7½", 10", or 12" row spacings;
  • Select between the ParaLink™ Walking (PLW™) or ParaLink™ Row (PLR™) coulter style openers.
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Advanced Tank Design

Advanced tank design

Model 848 or Model 872 Options

Features such as the PDM Pro™ Metering System, the KNEX™ Integral Tank Design and the X35 Apollo System put Bourgault head and shoulders above the competition.

Choose between two tank options:

  • Model 872  200 bu total capacity, or,
  • Model 848  136 bu total capacity.


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On The Move

The Bourgault FMS meets tight transport requirements

The Frame Mounted Seeder (FMS™) is a mid-range seeding system, tucked between the large-scale seeding systems and the smaller box seeders.

At a narrow, 9'10" transport width*, the Bourgault FMS™ successfully meets the tight transport requirements for most regions. 

(* for units 20'-26' with standard axles and no rear tow hitch)

FMS Transport Dimensions

All Perfectly Contained in One Package

The Frame Mounted Seeder™ (FMS™) successfully achieves the ultimate balance between productivity and ease of use.

  1. 9'10" transport width for 20'-26' units
    [standard axles - no rear tow hitch; 11'2" for all units equipped with the rear tow hitch and/or 30' width (extended axles)];
  2. 11'2" transport height for units at 20' width;
    13'2" transport height for units at 26' width;
    15'2" transport height for units at 30' width.
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The large, full color X40 touch-screen features a heads-up dashboard that is customizable.

  • The X40 Apollo System Achieve unprecedented control and perform advanced seeding operations with the X40 Apollo System. 
  • The ISO Apollo System Calibrate and perform basic rate control functions for up to 4 products with tractors equipped with universal terminals. 

MRB® Fertilizer Application System

Series III Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicators achieve the best possible returns by placing your nitrogen fertilizer in the optimal location when one-pass seeding.

Optimal Seed-To-Fertilizer Placement

Series III Mid Row Banders® Fertilizer Applicators achieve the best possible returns by placing your nitrogen fertilizer in the optimal location when one-pass seeding.

Applicators are available in two formats:

  • Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicators;
  • Mid Row Shank™ Fertilizer Applicators.
Availability varies on drill types and sizes.


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Seed & Plant with One System!

Seed & Plant with the Bourgault Frame Mounted Seeder!

The Bourgault Air Planter™ Concept

The innovative AP™ System is currently in the conceptual stage of development for the FMS™ Series. The AP™ System is an integrated option for a Bourgault seeding system that provides the ability to seed or plant in a one-pass operation!

Air Planter™
Contact your local Bourgault Dealer for availability of the AP™ option with FMS™.

FMS™ Air Planter Concept

How it Works

The Air Planter™ has a Bulk Fill System that transfers seed from the air tank to the XP Meters™ located on the frame of the drill.

Other than an extra fan, the Bulk Fill System uses no moving parts to gently transfer seed to the XP Meters™. The singulated seed is closely counted by the sensor at the exit of each XP Meter™, displaying the performance of each run on the Apollo Monitor. This allows the Operator to immediately investigate any abnormal performance issues such as skips, doubles, or plugs.

  • A. The Bulk Fill Fan creates airflow to transfer seed from the Air Seeder Inductor to the XP Meter Reservoirs™.
  • B. Air pressure is created providing positive pressure at each XP Meter™ and delivers seed to the boot.
  • C. When the reservoirs on the XP Meters™ are full, the column of seed prevents further air and seed flow.
  • D. Seed is carried from the Inductor Box attached to the bottom of the PDM Pro™ Metering Auger Sump to the XP Meter Reservoirs™.
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CD FMS™ Specifications

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