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Optimal Seed-to-Fertilizer Placement

The success of safely applying the bulk of the mobile nutrients between every other seed row has only grown as new crop varieties demonstrate greater yields with higher fertilizer rates.

  • Position the bulk of the nitrogen and sulfur fertilizers at the optimal position to establish a root dominant environment;
  • Preserve existing soil moisture by using low disturbance coulter applicators and narrow seed openers to maintain seedbed integrity;
  • Prosper by optimizing germination and emergence, especially in dry conditions - the first and most important step towards a profitable harvest.

Mid Row Bander®III Fertilizer Applicators

Bourgault Mid Row Banders® Fertilizer Applicators

Optimal Placement for One-Pass Seeding

The Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Application System provides optimal placement of nitrogen and sulfur fertilizer. MRBs® maximize the benefits while reducing the risk of one-pass fertilizer placement, while maintaining a high quality seedbed.



Mid Row Shank®III Fertilizer Applicators

Mid Row Shank Fertilizer Applicators

The Mid Row Shank™III Fertilizer Application System offers a viable option for Producers that want to achieve optimal fertilizer placement with a simplified design. Producers are encouraged to compare the benefits of each fertilizer application system when considering which will work best for their operation.

The MRS™III Fertilizer Application System provides an uncomplicated and low maintenance approach to one-pass seeding.


Agronomic Studies Lead the Way

Bourgault Agronomy Trials

Understanding the Agronomy

Although it goes without saying, Bourgault has always understood that in order to develop the best seeding systems that will allow you to grow the best crops possible, it is critical to understand agronomy.

By studying relevant agronomic research, conducting original plot work and cooperating with third party agronomic research groups and independent agronomists, Bourgault has amassed an extensive and reliable database that is used to help design the most agronomically advanced seeding equipment available on the market today;  Bourgault is always working to establish best seeding practice.

Bourgault Agronomy

Find out more about the valuable data collected and published by the Bourgault Agronomy Team, available on this site under Bourgault Agronomy.


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