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Versatile & Economical

The Bourgault Model 4100 Wing Type Packer, when paired with an 8910 Cultivator or 9500 Chisel Plow is an excellent tool for Farmers who wish to incorporate mechanical weed kill and general tillage into a one-pass seeding operation.


4100 Wing Type Packers provide excellent contouring characteristics.

Excellent Contouring Characteristics

The individual coils pivot from side-to-side so that they follow the terrain precisely and clear small to medium obstacles without lifting the entire packer off of the ground.

Each gang rotates on two axis to ensure consistent results.

Even & Full Coverage

The packer coils pass over obstacles with ease and are designed to clear obstacles greater than the height of the frame to avoid any possibility of damage to the coils. Compare clearance heights and you will see the design superiority of the Bourgault Wing Type Packer.

Avoid Packing Misses - Coil packers overlap to ensure all areas of the field get packed.

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Smart time saving features and options.

Smart, time saving features and options!

The Model 4100 WTP offers well designed features that save time in the field.

  • The hydraulic system is designed so that only one set of remote outlets is required to put the unit into transport.
  • Heavy-duty pillow block bearings are shielded from rock damage to ensure trouble-free service.
  • Tow with Ease - Generally, ½ to ⅝ h.p. per foot is all that is required to tow the unit on level land.

Each packer pivot is equipped with Nylatron® GS bushings.

Nylatron® GS Bushings

Each packer pivot is equipped with Nylatron® G.S. bushings to ensure that wear from constant motion will not be a problem, even after many seasons of use.

The 4100 WTP Optional Hitch Extension is required for use directly behind the cultivator.Hitch Extension

The 4100 WTP Optional Hitch Extension is required for use directly behind the cultivator. The extension is typically not required when towed behind the air cart or directly behind a tractor.

Perform regular headland turns without worrying.

Worry-Free Turning

The 4100 Wing Type Packer is designed to allow regular headland turns without worrying about interference between the cultivator and packer, or the cart and packer.

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 4100 WTP Specifications

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