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The CD9120 I Series Frame Mounted Seeder&trade, fully configurable to meet your needs.

The I Series Frame Mounted Seeder™ is a highly configurable seeding system that is designed with the same proven Bourgault ingenuity found on its ParaLink Coulter Drills™ and 9000 I Series Air Carts. The list of seeding capabilities is long. How you combine them to meet your needs is up to you! 

Coulter Drill Opener Options

The Bourgault ParaLink™ coulter drill is comprised of long-lasting components on a heavy, durable frame that features either the ParaLink Walking™ Opener or the ParaLink Row™ Opener.

THE PLR™ Opener

The Paralink Row Opener supports both singulated or volumetrically metered seeding

The PLR™ Opener is designed to work with the tried-and-true PDM Pro™ Volumetric Metering System and the optional Air Planter™ System.

  • Developed in conjunction with the Air Planter™ Product Delivery System, the PLR™ offers Producers the distinct advantage to seed and plant with the same implement!
  • The durability and ingenuity built into the PLR™ Opener makes it longer lasting and easier to set than the competition. Get more seasons from the wearing components such as the coulter or the scraper boot with the Bourgault PLR™ Opener.
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The PLW™ Opener

Achieve low disturbance seeding accuracy with ParaLink Walking Axle Opener on 3720 PCD

The ParaLink Walking™ Coulter Opener achieves precise seed placement while maintaining seedbed integrity. The walking action between the cleaner and gauge wheel, both of which set the seed depth, minimizes the effects of a rough surface or old seed rows on seeding depth

Two available seed boot options are:

  • the low disturbance LDx™ Seed Boot; and,
  • the DW™ Seed Boot for heavy residue.
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Tanks & Product Distribution

The FMS™ Air Seeder Tank is designed with the same proven ingenuity and features found on the large Bourgault 9000 I Series air cart tanks

Independent Tanks

The CD9120 FMS™ is comprised of two individual tanks with volumes of 125 bu (front tank) and 175 bu (rear tank).

An optional 50 bu Wing™ Tank is also available for added volume flexibility.

Individual Tank Scales

Load cells on each individual tank provide accurate on-the-go weight monitoring and DynaCal™ Live Rate Monitoring to dynamicallly calibrate.

PDM Pro™ Metering System

The hydraulically driven PDM Pro™ provides the highest degree of metering accuracy while still providing gentle seed handling; expect an even and consistent metering of any product down to as low as 6 cups product remaining!

EvenStreamPLUS™ Distribution System

The EvenStreamPLUS™ Distribution System provides outstandingly consistent product distribution, even at challenging rates.


MRB® Fertilizer Application System

Series III Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicators achieve the best possible returns by placing your nitrogen fertilizer in the optimal location when one-pass seeding.

Optimal Seed-To-Fertilizer Placement

When and where it makes sense to do so, the ability to apply all inputs in a single pass with fertilizer applied mid row between every second seed row using a coulter-based system allows for many advantages, some of these include:

  1. minimal disruption to the seedbed allowing for greater ability to precisely place your seed, as well as less wear and tear on your equipment (and back) when seeding across last year's furrows;
  2. increased efficiency which saves precious time and resources;
  3. placing highly mobile toxic fertilizer mid row positions seed and fertilizer for optimal nutrient uptake by the developing seedling (resulting in even emergence);
  4. allows you to place your mobile/toxic fertilizer deep enough to eliminate volatilization. From a practical perspective, containing as much of your fertilizer as possible and eliminating waste makes cents.

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Hi-Flotation™ Option

Expand Your Seeding Window

The HF™ option allows you to get into the field sooner, providing your crop with an early start. In addition, HF™ provides you with confidence when traversing challenging or restrictive terrain such as soft and narrow roads.



X35 & ISO Apollo SystemS

The large, full color X35 touch-screen features a heads-up dashboard that is customizable.

Achieve Unprecedented Seeding Control


The X35 Apollo System, with the Xtend™ remote tablet ability, provides the most advanced control and monitoring capabilities for your seeding system. In addition to controlling base seeding operations, the X35 offers full rate control and monitoring capabilities, and time saving applications, all at your fingertips.


The ISO Apollo System Calibrate and perform basic rate control functions for up to 4 products with tractors equipped with universal terminals. 


Air Planter™ Option

The PDM Pro™ Metering Auger provides a high degree of metering accuracy and gentle seed handling.

Seed or Plant with One System! (PLR™ Opener required)

The Air Planter™ Option with bulk fill and multiple crop packages allows you to plant or seed with one system!

  • The Air Planter™ sets new standards for planting capability and productivity with the ability to: direct plant into heavy residue in no-till scenarios, while seed placing phosphate fertilizer and banding nutrients like nitrogen and sulfur mid row in a one pass operation.
  • With the Bourgault Air Planter™ you can plant corn on one field and seed wheat on the next! Why buy a planter and a small grains drill when the Bourgault Air Planter™ can effectively accomplish both!

The PDM Pro™ Metering Auger provides a high degree of metering accuracy and gentle seed handling.

The AP™ Bulk Fill System

  1. Bulk Fill Fan - The bulk fill fan creates airflow to transfer seed from the air seeder inductor to the XP Meter Reservoirs™.
  2. Meter Pressurization Fan - Air pressure is delivered to each XP Meter™ to provide positive pressure metering and delivery of seed to the boot.
  3. XP Meter Reservoirs™ - When the reservoirs on the XP Meters™ are full, the column of seed prevents further air and seed flow.
  4. XP Meter™ - XP Meter™ plates available to singulate corn, soya beans, sunflower and edible beans.

The PDM Pro™ Metering Auger provides a high degree of metering accuracy and gentle seed handling.

Air Seeder Inductor Boxes - The Air Planter™ Bulk Fill Distribution System attaches to the bottom of the PDM Pro metering auger sumps. When a specific tank is designated for planting, seed is directed to flow through the PDM Pro™ sump into the air seeder inductor (instead of metering it).

Note: The remaining air seeder tanks that are being used for fertilizing will have the sump plates closed and the PDM Pro™ Auger will meter the product to the openers or Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicators.

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Additional Features & Options

Paddle Conveyor

with infeed belt for efficient & gentle transfer of product.

Surge Brakes

automatically apply appropriate levels of braking to greatly reduce the potential of implement damage as well as Operator stress.

Rear-view Camera

allows you to monitor traffic behind the air seeder tank when transporting to the next seeding location.

Exterior Led Lights

allow for greater visibility when seeding at night.

Large Tires

for decreased compaction & increased flotation.

GaugeMaster™ (PLR™ Opener & X35)

option provides automatic gauge wheel pressure adjustment to ensure the desired seed depth is achieved in highly variable conditions.

PackMaster™ (PLW™ Opener & X35)

option provides automatic packing pressure adjustment as soil conditions change, providing more uniform results and even germination.

LiftMaster™ (X35)

is an optional feature that, when set will automatically lift the openers when the seeding system crosses into the headlands.



Additional Resources

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