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XR771 eXtended Range Harrow

eXtend Your Harrowing Capability

With the Bourgault XR™ Series Harrows, you have the ability to:

  • eXtend the breadth of field finishes achievable with the same implement;
  • eXtend the range of field conditions that you can harrow in and still accomplish great results;
  • With the ability to be effective in tougher conditions, eXtend your working hours to get more acres covered!

ADF™ (Adjustable DownForce™ System)

Bourgault XR Harrow Adjustable Downforce

The ground-breaking advancement that sets the Bourgault eXtended Range harrow series apart from the competition is the patented in-cab Adjustable DownForce™ System.

This design employs hydraulically controlled downforce or upforce to each individual harrow section, ensuring a uniform field finish even when contouring to the extremes!

How ADF™ is Achieved


Adjustable DownForce™ borrows technology from the Bourgault independent drill design to control downforce onto the harrow sections with hydraulic cylinders and parallel linkage mounts. As the hydraulic pressure is increased, the force is applied evenly from the front to the back of each section.

The ADF™ feature is unique in that it:

  1. is constant regardless of contour position,
  2. is isolated from other adjustments,
  3. is easily adjustable, and,
  4. can instantly be placed into float at the headlands to prevent over harrowing of headlands and the bunching of straw.

ADF™ can be manually set on the hitch of the harrow, or a convenient in-cab 500 Control Box option is available for on-the-go adjustments.

Adjustable UpForce


Taking the ADF™ design even further is the addition of upforce. In certain conditions the weight of the sections themselves can become too aggressive to do a good job. ADF™ reverses the hydraulic flow taking weight off of the section, thus operating much like a light harrow (just tickling the ground).

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The Benefit of ADF™

The benefit of Adjustable Downforce

With the competition's harrows, changes to the tine angle or section angle will inadvertently affect the set down pressure, and visa versa.

With the Bourgault XR Series Harrows, the ADF™ feature isolates the application of down or up force from tine angle or section angle, so adjustments to one setting does not affect the other two. You can set the XR Series Harrows more quickly to achieve desired results, particularly in challenging and variable conditions.

Once the hydraulic pressure is set, downforce remains constant even through hilly land and water runs.

Settings Guideline

Changes to one setting does not affect the others.

The beauty of the XR™ harrow series is that changes to one setting do not affect the others.
Once the optimal tine angle is found, changes to the Adjustable DownForce (ADF™) and boom angle (pitch) will have little impact on the tine angle, shortening the time and reducing the frustration to achieve a desired field finish.

Below is suggested guidelines for setting the XR harrow:

XR™ Harrow Tine Angle

Set the tine angle based on the volume of straw that you want held in the harrow to achieve the desired results. To increase the amount of straw being carried, adjust the tines so that they stand taller, decrease the tine angle to reduce the amount of straw being carried. These changes do not change the down pressure applied by the XR™ Harrow.

XR™ Harrow Boom Angle

Set the boom angle to dictate where the straw is being carried. Roll it forward to carry the straw in the front of the section; this is useful for tougher field and straw conditions. Roll the boom back to carry the straw at the rear of the harrow frame; this is more useful for breaking up straw in drier field and straw conditions. Again, these changes do not change the down pressure applied by the XR™ Harrow.

XR™ Harrow Down Force

Adjustable DownForce™ pressure (down/up) is adjusted with the ADF™ valve, either in the cab on the 500 Control Box or on the hitch. Increase the pressure to do more incorporation, soil scratching and collecting of straw. Decrease the pressure to reduce damage to standing stubble.

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Positive Boom Control

The solid pull arm system controls the folding and unfolding of the Bourgault XR Harrows

The XR771™ and XR751™ are equipped with a solid pull arm system. The solid pull arm provides secure control when folding and unfolding and excellent stability of the wings in fields with hills or runs.



XR Harrow effective tine options

  • The XR771™ is standard equipped with 7 rows of ½" x 22" tines creating an effective 1.43" spacing across the entire unit. Producers can choose optional carbide infused tines on the front 2 rows with regular tines on the rear 5, or optional carbide infused tines across all 7 rows.
  • The XR751™ features 5 rows of ⅝" x 26" tines for an effective 2.4" row spacing . Select the optional carbide ⅝" x 26" tines for extended service life.


The Bourgault XR Harrow large tires provides exceptional flotation

The XR771™ & XR751™ Harrows are grounded with large, hi-flotation 21.5 x 16.1 mainframe tires, as well as 13.5 x 15FI duals on its wings providing unprecedented flotation for a harrow bar.

  • The wing dual wheels are mounted in board to avoid field hazards such as posts, trees and rock piles.
  • Hydraulically controlled boom wheels greatly reduce the distance required to fold and unfold the unit.

Consistent Results in Hills

Expect even results in hilly conditions.

Maintain the Harrow Angle of Attack

The XR™ harrow sections are connected to the booms with parallel arms; this parallel arm design maintains section tilt, or angle of attack, regardless of height adjustment or field contouring.

Conventionally mounted & Parallel linkage mounts work similarly on level ground.

On Level Ground

When going over level ground, both conventional and parallel link mounting systems work similarly.  

The parallel linkage system avoids "digging in" or "dumping" in hilly conditions.

In The Hills

The parallel arm design maintains section tilt, or angle of attack regardless of the land contour. This feature avoids the "digging in" and "dumping" that conventional harrow designs are prone to on hilly land.

Each 10' section acts independently of each other, adding to the consistent finish across the entire width of the XR™ Harrows.

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Experience Sectional Freedom

Bourgault XR771 Harrow

Harrow sections are designed for independent vertical travel, delivering uniform results even in hilly conditions.

Independent sections provide more consistent results on uneven terrain.

Fully Independent Sections

Each of the 10' harrow sections have a full 26" of vertical travel, completely independent of it's neighbouring sections.  This is why you will achieve the most consistent results of any field harrow, particularly in uneven land or around drainage ditches.

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Convenient In-Cab Control

Model 500 Control Box

The XR™ Series Harrows feature the 500 Control Box to provide incremental downforce adjustment, switch to upforce, or go into float mode all from the seat of the tractor.

  • LEFT SWITCH - Raise / Lower Toolbar
  • RIGHT SWITCH - Power
  • CENTER SWITCH - Multifunction touch screen displays the set pressure, as well as the ability to adjust. It also allows the Operator to turn off the down pressure if the Operator encounters a soft spot in the field.
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Hydraulic Jack Option

Optional hydraulic jack for the XR Harrow

An optional hydraulic jack provides the Operator with an easy method for lining up the harrow tongue to the tractor hitch. Once the remote is activated in the tractor, the Operator can use a valve located on the hitch to adjust the height.



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