3820 ParaLink Coulter Drill with optional Air Planter and 9950 Air Cart

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A Paradigm Shift in Sowing Capability

Bourgault Air Planter™The innovative Air Planter™ (AP™) is not a machine per se, but is an integrated option that provides the ability to seed or plant in a one-pass operation!  Operating a Bourgault Seeding System equipped with the Air Planter™ allows you to direct seed or plant into heavy residue in no-till scenarios, while seed placing phosphate fertilizer and banding nutrients like nitrogen and sulfur mid row.  Why buy a planter and a small grains drill when the Air Planter™ can effectively accomplish both!

Air Planter™ Versatility

Gain More Benefits & Reduce Your Costs!

Gain More Benefits & Reduce Your Costs

A growing number of Producers are exploring the advantages of incorporating both planting and seeding practices in their operation.

With the Bourgault Air Planter™, you can invest in the first practical farm implement that will operate effectively as both a seeder and a planter.

The mounted air inductor allows you to quickly switch from seeding to planting mode.

Highly Adaptable

One of the primary goals when developing the Bourgault Air Planter™ was ease of switching between a seeding to planting scenario. This has been achieved with the incorporation of the bolt-on Air Cart Inductor and the frame mounted XP DUO™ Meter that uses positive pressure to ensure precise placement.

Now Producers can invest in one implement that does both jobs!

The 3820 PLR™ opener lets you place starter granular fertilizer with singulated seed.

More Fertilizer Options

For the first time, Producers can place dry fertilizer in the seed row with planted seed, giving the plant that valuable pop-up effect after germination.

Nitrogen and sulfur can safely be applied in a one-pass operation with the Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicators. Producers can tailor their Bourgault AP™-equipped system to meet their fertilizer and seed placement requirements.

Finally, you have the ability to direct plant and reduce your costs.

Reduce Wear & Tear

Bourgault seeding systems are renowned for unmatched residue clearance and seed placement in direct seeding environments. Producers can greatly reduce their tillage requirements prior to planting. Reduced passes equals less fuel burned, less wear and tear and fewer man hours in the tractor.

Improve soil tilth and reduce the danger of erosion by preserving binding root mass from the previous crop. Standing stubble will protect new seedlings from wind damage.

Gain full control over your valuable seed investment!

Control Seed Costs

With the high cost of seed, Producers can now achieve planter control of seeds per acre for corn and soybeans - then easily switch out to seeding cereals and other volumetrically applied crops.

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Bourgault eXact Placement™ Singulation Meters

  • The XP DUO™ Meters (eXact Placement™ Meters) use positive air pressure to hold the seed onto the planter plate. The same positive pressure delivers the seed evenly to the opener, thus gravity and hilly fields are not an issue for the accuracy of the Air Planter™.
  • The electric meter drives are controlled independently through the Topcon Apollo System to provide turn compensation and eliminate overlap at the headlands.
  • Sensors respond to each seed that leaves the meter, giving you complete visibility of Air Planter™ performance.
  • This unique dual meter can deliver singulated seed to two narrow-row units or a single wide-row unit!



The Bulk Fill System on a 3820 ParaLink™ Coulter Drill.

  • The Air Planter™ has a Bulk Fill System that transfers seed from the air cart to the XP DUO™ Meters located on the frame of the drill.
  • Other than an extra fan, the Bulk Fill System uses no moving parts allowing for gentle seed transfer to the XP DUO Meters.

How the Bourgault
Air Planter™ Works

Watch Curtis Hinrichsen and Brennan Crooymans as they explain step-by-step how the Air Planter™ works.


Air Planter™ Availability

Air Planter™ Specifications
Expand to access implements and configurations which can accommodate the Bourgault Air Planter™.

Note: The Air Planter™ option will be released in limited quantities. Not all sizes and spaces may be available.  Contact your Bourgault Dealer for availability.

Bourgault Air Drills - The Air Planter™ XP Meters™ are available to be fitted on:

  • 3820 ParaLink™ Coulter Drills - PLR™ Opener
  • Bourgault FMS™ Systems - when equipped with PLR™ Opener
Bourgault Air Carts  - The Air Planter™ bulk fill features are available on:
  • 8000 Series Air Carts - select one or two air cart tanks, plus on the optional Saddle Tank™ for the Model 8550;
  • 9000 I Series Air Carts - select one or two air cart tanks, plus on the optional Saddle Tank™.
Seed Plate Options
Singulation plates are available for corn, soybeans, sunflowers and edible beans. Additional plates are under development and will be made available - check with your local Bourgault Dealer.
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