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The Ultimate In Flexibility & Durability

The 9500 Floating Hitch Chisel Plow is renowned for excellent trash clearance, soil penetration and excellent field contouring. With a robust frame, you can rely on the 9500 FHCP in the toughest conditions of each year.

Built for Hard Work

9500 Floating Hitch Chisel Plow is the ultimate in durability and flexibility

Built to work with today's high horsepower tractors, the 9500 Chisel Plow will provide years of trouble-free service, even when pulling an anhydrous tank or air cart.

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Proven Trip Design

The Bourgault Spring Trip Assembly is designed for a wide range of tillage conditions.

Durable. Simple. Practical.

The Bourgault spring trip cushion design utilizes increasing force geometry.   This design approach ensures consistent operating depth where competitor’s systems just ride on top of the ground.

Two different trip options are available:

  • 500 & 600 lb. Spring Trips;
  • Hydraulic Trip Option.

The 500lb and 600lb double-spring trip assemblies are available on the 9400, 9500 and 9800 Chisel Plows.

500 lb & 600 lb Trips

The double-spring trip assemblies are equipped with a 1¼" x 2" shank and a 1" pivot protected with a greaseless nylon bushing.

Not only are Bourgault spring trip assemblies more durable that the competition, you will appreciate the low parts cost when maintenance is required.

The hydraulic trip assembly offers a wide range of trip force adjustment

Hydraulic Trip Option

The Bourgault Hydraulic Trip Assembly offers a wide range of trip force adjustment that can be easily set for all field requirements.

  • Producers can adjust the trip force up to 1,000 lb to match the current field conditions.
  • The hydraulic cylinder supplies a consistent resistance during tripping and smooth re-entry with greatly reduced recoil as compared to all other spring trip designs.
  • When operating in conditions that are near the set tripping force, all spring trip designs are prone to "chatter".  The hydraulic trip force can be quickly adjusted, greatly reducing the chance of fatigue failures to shanks, frames and other tillage components.
  • Retracted hydraulic trips provide a few more inches of clearance when compared to a spring trip for added safety when passing under an obstruction.

Bourgault Warranty

Not only are Bourgault Spring Trip Assemblies more durable than the competition, but you will appreciate the low parts cost when maintenance is required. Also, Bourgault shanks are backed by a 5-year replacement warranty, plus a 50% lifetime warranty afterwards.

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A Dependable Hydraulic System

Quality hydraulic components for accurate and consistent depth control.

Simple & Reliable

Bourgault incorporates a superior dependable hydraulic design, a high quality depth control system, along with quality hydraulic components for accurate and consistent depth control and long service life.

Bourgault tillage units are designed with master/slave system system to control the operation depth.

Dependable Hydraulics 

Bourgault tillage units are designed with a master/slave system to control the operating depth (either single or dual-series). This approach avoids the use of complex linkage systems that wear and stretch dramatically affecting the depth control.

A precision Line Lock Valve helps to ensure that the working depth never changes during operation. In addition, the Line Lock Valve ensures that any tractor hydraulic leaks are isolated from the cultivator.

The Bourgault Quick Shift Adjust provides easy and effective single-point depth control.

Single-Point Depth Control

The Bourgault Quick Shift Adjust provides easy and effective single-point depth control. Simply loosen the lock handle and adjust the slide to the appropriate depth using the numbered scale. The slide is attached by the depth control push/pull cable to the master cylinder(s) which sets the operating depth across the whole frame.

The hydraulic fluid for the depth control is filtered going into the master cylinder when the unit is lifted

In-Line Filter System 

The hydraulic fluid for the depth control is filtered going into the master cylinder when the unit is lifted. Contaminants are released back to the reservoir when the frame is lowered so that hydraulic cylinder shafts and seals are protected from scoring.

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Strong & Steady

The added main frame depth increases stability.

The running gear on the 9500 Floating Hitch Chisel Plow is designed for steadfast service in tough conditions.

  • A deeper mainframe and large tires means greater stability in transport.
  • A parallel linkage mount for in-frame running gear delivers a full range of motion for the walking axles, regardless if in transport or field position.

A running gear designed for steadfast service in tough conditions

Rock Solid Stability

  • The mainframe of the 9500 FHCP is slightly deeper which allows the walking axles to be positioned farther back than on the wings. This ensures stability in-transport, particularly if a large air or fertilizer cart is in tow.
  • The wide stance of the in-frame walking axles on the mainframe is complemented with large 380/55R16.5 tires to work confidently in challenging conditions.
  • Walking, dual 13.5Lx15 mainframe front caster wheel tires and single 13.5Lx15 tires on the wings add to the 9500’s superior flotation and pulling ease in soft, wet soils.

Full Range of Motion

  • Parallel arms on the 9500 mainframe in-frame running gear allow the walking axle its full range of motion either in transport position or lowered into the working position.
  • This prevents undue stress and failure from the walking axle bottoming in transport, or over rotating and “dumping” when cultivating.
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Handle Maximum Residue

Residue clearance has always been a priority with Bourgault designers
Bourgault’s designers have always made residue clearance a top priority.

Get through maximum field residue with the 9500 Chisel Plow.

  • The four row frame design offers excellent shank spacing and non-compromising residue clearance.
  • The trip layout is designed to maximize clearance around the wheels.
  • The distance between shanks is a minimum of 36", the distance between adjacent bars is 32" and the frame to ground clearance is 31½" with 1¼" shanks.

This is all part of the formula for superior straw clearance.

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Tillage Options

Titan Quick Detach Arms are design for quick and easy attachment

Options to Meet Your Specific Requirements

  • Titan™ Quik-Detach Arms for quick and easy attachment or interchange of mounted harrows and packers.
  • Mounted Tine Harrows to achieve uniform field finish.
  • Mounted Packers help provide excellent seedbed results.
  • Side Draft Eliminators prevent skewing when tilling on side slopes.
  • Mud Scrapers clean off the tires and maintain a consistent working depth in wet conditions.
  • Equip with a Rear Tow Hitch to work with a Bourgault air cart or anhydrous cart.

Excellent Contouring Characteristics

Bourgault Tillage units maintain a more even operational depth through peaks and valleys.

Minimized Contouring Depth

The ability to follow field contours is related to frame depth and wheel position. Bourgault ensures that the front caster wheels are positioned very close to the front row and that the walking axle is centered in the frame. This attention to design means that Bourgault tillage units maintain a more even operational depth through the peaks and valleys.


9500 Chisel Plow Video

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