Paralink Hoe Drill - Features 

3320 eXtra Terrain Contour

Precision Seeding in Challenging Field Profiles

The 3320 XTC offers unprecedented seed depth accuracy in challenging terrain.  The design of the one-to-one contouring XTC Seed Opener Assembly ensures exact seed placement  in a wider range of conditions than you would ever expect from the competitors’ independent seeding units.
  • Hi-Flotation (HF) Feature - Get out seeding sooner and stay out seeding longer in wet conditions.  Hi-Flotation is a standard feature on the 86' PHD and optional on 76' to 60' PHD drills.
  • Strength & Durability - The superior frame design provides adequate weight to penetrate into hard soil yet still provide even germination.
  • You Have Choice - Choose between a number of seed openers and packer wheel options to achieve the best seeding results for your operation.
  • In-Cab Packer Pressure Control - Adjust packing and opener force on-the-go.
  • Go With the Flow - The hydraulic configuration on the 3320 XTC efficiently utilizes the tractor’s hydraulic system to adjust packing and trip force for the banding coulters and seed openers.
  • Precision Seed Placement - Precision Farmers the ability to achieve consistent seed placement, even in undulating land.
  • Superior Field Finish - By utilizing a narrow edge-on shank, the seed-only openers displace a minimal amount of soil.
  • Optimal Fertilizer Placement - The 3320 XTC is available with the hydraulically actuated MRB® III nitrogen fertilizer applicators to provide optimal location and minimal risk in a one-pass seeding system.  Hi-Flotation units on 12" spacing have the option to select the MRS III nitrogen fertilizer applicators.
  • Drill Control - The X30 Apollo system offers Packmaster™ and Liftmaster™, two different drill control features to help farmers gain greater effectivity of their seeding systems.
See how the XTC configuration compares to the SE and QDA in varying operational ranges -  Specifications.

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The 3320 eXtra Terrain Contouring seed drill will deliver precision seeding results in a wider range of conditions … wider than you would ever expect from the competitors’ independent seeding units.