Tillage Features & Options 

SPS 360 Shank Section

Effectively Work the Soil and Incorporate Straw.

  • Three rows of heavy-duty hydraulic trip can be adjusted up to 1,000 lb of trip force. The combination of adjustable trip force and a heavy, durable frame ensures consistent penetration even in the hardest soil conditions.  
  • Since the SPS 360 typically provides the best results when operating between 7½-8½ mph, the hydraulic trip is well suited as the soft recoil action results in lowered impact loading and vibration to minimize wear and damage.  
  • When not required, the trips can be lifted and locked out during operation. 
  • Air kits for both 6000 and 7000 Series air seeders are also available for granular fertilizer application.
  • Simple and reliable design.