Bourgault SEEding is Believing - 2015 Field Days, St. Brieux & Minot
Bourgault had another successful set of field demos in both St. Brieux SK & Minot ND on July 8th.
St.Brieux had a beautiful day for the field day, with about 200 visitors attending the demonstrations of various seeding systems and the agronomy field trials conducted near town.
The Bourgault 3420 100' PHD Drill with the 71300 Air Seeder
The 100' 3420 PHD Drill with the 71300 Air Seeder was on display.
Presentations at each site were divided into three main groups:
  • 3320 Hi-Flotation 66' Paralink Hoe Drill with a 7000 Series air seeder - the drill was equipped with a variety of openers and packers for comparison.
  • 3720 Hi-Flotation 70' Independent Coulter Drill and 7000 Series air seeder with Auto Section Control and Bulk Boom - the 3720 was equipped with Low Disturbance scrapers and offset shoulder packers & Winged Scrapers with even shoulder packers for comparison.
  • Bourgault Agronomy Plots - guided tours were conducted through the site plots informing visitors of the agronomic research being conducted by staff agronomists at the respective sites.
Agronomy Presentation at Bourgault Field Day
Tours of the Agronomy Trials
The staff at Bourgault Industries would like to thank everyone who attending the seeding demonstration, and wish them a great season.  See you next year!