June 2013
Successful farmers know the importance of taking full advantage of factors they have control over in order to maintain a healthy profit margin. One of the most important of these factors is seeding. Doing the best job possible of placing the seed and fertilizer in the soil without causing excessive disturbance is paramount to achieving the best germination and emergence possible. To accomplish this consistently, producers must invest in the most effective seeding tools on the market.
This is a key reason why the demand for Bourgault equipment continues to grow year after year. Not only has the Bourgault market grown, but so has the size of the models. At the time of our last major expansion in 2008, the common size for air seeders was 450 bushels and 60 foot seed drills were the biggest sellers. Today, 700 bushel tanks are becoming the norm, with growing demand for our new 950 bushel air seeder.
 Bourgault Expansion
The most popular drills are our 66' and 76' sizes, but our 86' drill is entering its first year of limited production and promises to be a high demand model as well. Best practices, improved work processes and investment in new tooling have been implemented to get the most out of Bourgault’s existing facilities. Even with all of the good work that has been done to improve the existing plant capacity, it was recognized that more was required to meet the growth in demand. This spring, Bourgault began its largest single building project to date, a major $50 million dollar expansion to Building E (one of three main manufacturing facilities in St. Brieux). This expansion will increase the square footage of the building to almost quadruple the current size, housing a total of 6 acres under one roof!

John Mueller, lead Manufacturing Engineer comments, “The main goal of the expansion is to increase efficiency by reducing the handling and transporting of parts while adding blasting and powder coating processing on all tillage parts. All of this is to be achieved without disrupting current production.
Currently, Bourgault builds air seeders, Paralink hoe drills, air hoe drills and tillage to a base, or “common” configuration at Building C. From there, units are transported to a holding area until they are called up for final assembly (which is done in Building E, about ¼ mile South East of Building C). Once the new expansion is complete, full production of Paralink hoe drills, air hoe drills and tillage will be done from start to finish at Building E, and Building C will be reconfigured for air seeder production from cut steel to final assembly. Consolidation of each product line means decreased material handling and improved product flow without an increase in manpower requirements.
Automation will also allow Bourgault to put more out the door. Two automated powder coating systems, both with steel shot blast machines and automated tracking, will maintain a smooth and consistent flow of parts through the paint line. The new expansion will feature extremely energy efficient R40 roof and walls to help manage our heating costs. The air exchange system will filter and return the air to maximize the energy efficiency of the entire facility, while maintaining the air quality needed for a clean work environment. It is expected to take 18 months to complete the structure, install tooling and achieve full production.