Agronomy Trials 2021

Bourgault Agronomy
Curtis de Gooijer, P. Ag. talks about the large scale trials conducted at the Bourgault research farm in 2021.
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Click on the links below to access PDF reports of each trial.
  • Seed Rate Trial - Compares three different seeding rates of canola on yield, plant stand, and post-harvest plant stand.
  • Nitrogen PlacementIdentify differences in canola when nitrogen is placed in a mid row band versus in a side-band.
  • Low Seed Row Phosphorus Trial – This trial compares a low application rate of seed row phosphorus in canola using a split strategy of applying some phosphorus in the seed row (SR) and the rest in the mid row band (MRB™).
  • Phosphorus Placement - This trial was conducted to identify differences in canola when phosphorus is placed in the seed row versus in a side-band when using a dual-shank opener, having nitrogen in the side-band (SB) or in a mid row band (MRB™).