Seedbed Integrity &  Standing Stubble
Side-By-Side Testing
near Langenburg, Saskatchewan - Spring 2005
A side-by-side seeding demonstration conducted in Churchbridge, near Langenburg, Saskatchewan in the Spring of 2005 showed how different one-pass seeding systems can perform.
The left side of the field was seeded with a Bourgault 5710 equipped with Mid Row Banders. The right side of the field was seeded with a leading dual knife side-banding system. This demonstration highlighted a number of advantages that the Bourgault MRB system have over side-banding systems, including seedbed integrity.
Visble difference between MRB and Side-banded field.
The Bourgault seeding system preserved the integrity of the seedbed. The darker rows between the crop growth on the MRB side is the preserved stubble from the crop the year before. On the side-bander side, the soil is exposed because the stubble was worked up from the disturbance caused by the dual knife system.
Seedbed Disruption Destroys Standing Stubble
Dual Knife Seeding System
Closer inspection of the dual knife side-banded crop shows how soil disruption has ripped out the standing stubble.
If there was enough soil disturbance to take out the previous crop's stubble, the seedbed integrity would most likely be compromised. In an average moisture year, the damage may be minimized. In a dry year, the results could be disastrous. 
Stubble on Dual-knife Side-Banded Field is Pulled Out
Mid Row Banders Help Preserve the Seedbed
The preservation of the previous crop's stubble demonstrates how well the Bourgault seeding system can place seed and fertilizer without disrupting the seedbed.
The preserved stubble itself will also provide several advantages:
  • Standing stubble can protect the seedlings during initial emergence;
  • The old root system binds the soil together to prevent erosion.
Bourgault offers you a choice of seeding systems that works for your conditions, each one available with Mid Row Banders® so you can seed directly into managed residue, preserve standing stubble, and minimize the risk of fertilizer damage.
Mid Row Banded Field Shows Excellent Stubble Preservation