Bourgault Customer Clinic - 2020
7000 & 6000 Series Air Seeders ● 3320 PHDs  ● 3720 ICDs
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Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bourgault has canceled all Spring 2020 Customer Clinics.  In response to the lost opportunity to conduct in-person training with you at your dealership, the Bourgault Service Team has created an online tutorial that covers most of the planned material.
The material below is applicable for new equipment for the 2020 model year, but would also be a good refresher for those operating near-current equipment.
Seeding System Start Up

To help you get off to the best start possible, Bourgault has produced the Seeding System StartUp Video - an informative presentation that covers the critical aspects of your new seeding system.  Though it is aimed for 2021 model year units, a substantial portion of the video still pertains to the 2020 model year units and earlier.
Video Presentation
1 - X35 Setup

This video provides a complete explanation of the set-up to become familiar with the Apollo X35 controller.
Refer to the handout provided below during the video.

X35 Setup Handout

Document Download

2 - X35 Operational Screens

This presentation covers the various operation screens that you may encounter when operating your Apollo X35 controller.
Refer to the handout provided below during the video.

X35 Operational Screens Handout

Document Download

3 - Drill Maintenance

Refer to the drill maintenance information in the handout linked on the right.
Document Download

4 - Tank Maintenance

Refer to the tank maintenance information in the handout linked on the right.
Document Download

5 - PackMaster™ Demonstration
The PackMaster™ demonstration provides a detailed explanation of the settings and operation window on the X35 controller.  It also includes a demonstration of the simulated effect of a change in draft on the seed opener arm, and how the PackMaster™ system adjusts for this change.
6 - Start Up Checklist

Download the seeding Start Up Checklist and use as a guideline when starting your first seeding operation of the season.
  • Valuable informational links are provided within the PDF document for reference to help you become as acquainted as possible prior to seeding.
  • The document has been designed to also serve as a convenient checklist to print out and refer to when in the field.
(This document is also linked under Bourgault Resources on the main page.)
Start Up Checklist
Document Download
Additional resources to supplement the material in the Start Up Checklist are linked on the right.
Item #18. Clean Out Definition
Document Download
Item #21. Depths for QDA & XTC Opener Arms
Document Download
Once you are ready to begin seeding, there are several valuable features we recommend to add to your seeding operation. 

The handouts available via the links on the right will help with some of these features referred to at the end of the Start Up Checklist, under "Notes".

Note: Some of the material refers to X30, in these cases the instructions are the same for both X30 & X35 controllers.
Boundary Creation
Document Download
Headland Manager
Document Download
Remote Support - Setup & Use
Document Download
7 - Post Seeding Check List

Use the lists linked on the right to go over your 3320 PHD and 7000 Series air carts to identify things to be addressed before next spring.  This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of special post seeding parts programming available at your Bourgault Dealer.

(These documents are also linked under Bourgault Resources on the main page.)
3320 Paralink™ Hoe Drill
Document Download
7000 Series Air Seeder
Document Download

We hope that the material provided with help you and your operation have the most trouble-free start to spring seeding.  You are invited to return to check for updates.  Please contact your Bourgault dealer additional information on the topics covered in this course.
Good luck with the spring 2020 seeding season!
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