X35 Apollo - Software Updates & Manuals
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Monitor Software & ECU Firmware Update
Click on the link that corresponds to the X35 software version to upgrade to.

Download the setup instructions for installing the update. Instructions for v4.01.509 also work for v4.02.511.

  • It is strongly recommended to complete a function test (refer to Section B Funtion Test) to confirm the update.
  • If any of the X35 features do no function properly, create a new implement profile then detect and learn the ECU’s.  Refer to Sections A.9 and A.10.
X35 Apollo v4.02.511
Download Code

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X35 Software & Firmware Guide
Refer to this chart for matching X35 Apollo software and ECU firmware versions.  Incorrect matches will trigger warnings on the monitor.
Quick Reference Guide
Version 4.02
X35 Quick Reference Guide
The X35 Quick Reference Guide provides the operator with a handy "go to" document covering some of the operational highlights of the seeder controller.
Operator's Manual
Version 4.02 - 12.8 mb
X35 Operator's Manual
The complete X35 Operator's Manual is available in the PDF for download.  Individual sections are also available with each topic found in the 4 main sections.