Features & Options - X30 & X20
Refer to the links below for information on the setup and operation of various features & options for the the Bourgault Topcon X30 & X20 seeder controllers.
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Seed Rate Controller (SRC)
X30 Seed Rate Control - Operating Screen
X30 Seed Rate Control - Overview
X20 Seed Rate Controller (SRC) Set-Up

Variable Rate Controller (VRC)
Loading VRC maps (X35 & X30)
Loading VRC maps
Loading a boundary from a shape file
Recording a boundary
Data Transfer for X30
How to build maps for X30
Loading Variable Rate Maps on X30
Job Report generated by X30
How to use Auto Field Start
How to load a boundary map
How to record a boundary map
Backing up your data on the X30 (video)
X20 Guidance Set-up
How to convert a Shape file
How to load a map into an X20
How to set-up Logging with X20
Printing an as applied Log
Printing a coverage log

Drill Control
PackMaster™ - Set-up & Calibration
Auto Raise/Lower (Lift Master™) Drill Control
PackMaster™ Overview

NH3/Liquid Fertilizer
NH3/Liquid Test
NH3/Liquid Test using 3151-47 harness
NH3 or liquid test with X30 

Auto Section Control
Dual Boom ASC Set-up
Sequence Time Settings
7000 Series Air Seeder (video)
Presentation - How it Works (Feb 2014) 
Basic Assembly Instruction
Assembly & Installation Instruction

Area Counters
X30 Area Counters
Application Rate Verification
X30 Area Counters - new for 2016