Setup & Updates - X30 & X20
This section provides software updates, operator's manuals, and setup information for various features including tank optimizer, headland manager, quick start & team viewer.
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Controller Software & Firmware Update
X30 Monitor Software & ECU firmware

Note: 3.24.511 software does not allow the drill fold ECU firmware to be updated.  Use 3.20.513 to update the drill fold ECU firmware.
X30 Apollo (v3.24.511) (PDF)
X30 Detecting ECUs
X30 ECU Profile Set-up
X30 ECU Error Codes
X30/Bridge Software Install Instructions
X30 Set-up
X30 Bridge "Reboot" Procedure
X30 MDECU Update - 2.8 - 3.6
X20 Software Update v2.3.7.1
Topcon X20 v2.3.7.1 (zip file download)
X20 Software Install Instructions
X20 How to Upgrade Software in an X20
Convertion from X20 to X30 IB1 Kit
Monitor / Controller Setup
Monitor Set-up
X30 Set-up for version 3.16.36
X30 Set-up for version 3.18.xx
ISO Apollo Monitor System - Setup
ISO Apollo (2015 Model Year & after) (Video)
X20 Monitor & External Parts - Outline
X20 Monitor & Components - Descriptions
X20 Com1 Error - Fix
X20 Touchscreen Disable
X20 Air Seeder Monitor - General Overview

Five part presentation on setup and operation of the Topcon X20 air seeder monitor created in Aug 2010.

GPS Set-Up
GPS: Pro 600 set-up for X30
GPS: Pro 700 set-up for X30
GPS: Starfire 3000 set-up for X30
GPS: Starfire ITC set-up for X30
X30 - All Versions (PDF)
Disable Greenstar Task Controller
GPS: FM750 or 1000 Trimble to X20 Set-up
GPS: Greenstar II to X20 Set-up
Topcon X20 (PDF)
GPS: JD Starfire 300 to X20 Set-up
Topcon X20 (PDF)
GPS: Outback S3 to X20 Set-up
Topcon X20 (PDF)
GPS: Trimble ez-Guide 500 to X20 Set-up
Topcon X20 (PDF)
GPS: Pro 600 to X20 Set-up

Various Setup Instructions
Digi-Star Scale Setup Procedure
Blockage Set-up for X30
Team Viewer Set-up for X30
How to use Quick Start
Quick Start Set-up
Team Viewer Set-up