Bourgault EzParts - Accessing Operator's Manuals
An extensive library of manuals on current and past Bourgault units are easily accessed through our website.  Follow the instructions below to view and download valuable product information.

  • From the Bourgault Home Page, click on Service & Parts, and select Parts Books & Operator's Manuals.
Bourgault Operator's Manuals - Step One
  • From the Bourgault EzParts web page, click on the Go button.
  • The next web page will as for a user and password to login, or to login as guest.  Click on Login as Guest.
  • It may take several minutes to load the system, depending on internet speed at your location.
Bourgault Operator's Manuals Access - Step 2
  • The EzParts system has a wealth of information available to the Bourgault operator.  The main documents available are:
    • Parts Books
    • Operator's Manuals
    • Assembly Instructions
Bourgault Operator's Manuals Access - Part 3
  • To find a PDF copy of a manual for your unit, click on the "+" symbol to the left of the category you want to enter, and drill your way down the menus until you reach the Operator's Manual section. Open this option to locate the specific series or unit model you require.
  • Click on that selection to open the PDF document.
Bourgault Operator's Manual Access - Part 4
  • Once you have the manual up, you can page through the document to find the specific information needed, and print the pages as well.
  • If you want to download the PDF document onto your computer, look for a download symbol (as shown in the image circled in red).  Downloading the document will provide you with quicker access to the file if you wish to refer to it again in the future.
Bourgault Operator's Manual Access - Part 5

Go to Bourgault EzParts 5 launch page.