MRB® III Fertilizer Application System

The MRB® III fertilizer application system is the most advanced and durable mid row banding system offered by Bourgault. The extensive use of well engineered cast components, convenient depth adjustment and hydraulic engagement control will mean more time for you in the field seeding, and less time spent adjusting or maintaining.
  1. Floating Carbide Scraper – The floating inside scraper maintains a good furrow in a wide range of seeding conditions.
  2. Hydraulic Actuation – The hydraulically controlled Mid Row Bander® applicators are synchronized with the seed arms or shanks for efficient in-field operation.
  3. Double-Tapered Roller Bearing Hub – You can expect a long service life with the high capacity hub and spindle assembly. 
  4. Parallel Link Arrangement – The MRB® body is mounted on parallel arms for a constant disc attack angle and seed boot / liquid tube orientation regardless of its operating depth.
  5. Simple Depth Adjustment – Shims on the hydraulic cylinder are used for setting the depth.
  6. Hardy Coulter Arm Pivots – The MRB® arm pivots are equipped with needle bearings and grease-able pins for long service life.
  7. Fine Scraper Position Adjust (Behind Cast Mount) – The position of the scraper relative to the edge of the disc can be adjusted in fine increments.
  8. Coarse Scraper Position Adjust – Adjust the whole scraper/boot assembly to maintain the optimal scraper-to-disc position as the disc wears.
  9. Combo-Boot – The versatile combo-boot allows you to select between dry, liquid, or anhydrous forms of nitrogen application.
  10. Long Wearing Coulter – The large single bevel boron steel coulter is set to open the soil just enough to deposit the fertilizer.
  11. Scraper Pressure Adjustment - the pressure of the carbide scraper on the disk can be easily set to match soil conditions for optimal results.
  12. Strong & Durable Cast Components - the MRB III operates in the most challening agricultural environments without breaking or bending.  Well designed castings are machined to exact specifications.
MRB® III - Detailed