3725QDA Release

Bourgault Introduces the 3725QDA ParaLink Coulter Drill™


Bourgault Industries is proud to announce the release of the world’s first quick depth adjustable coulter drill: the 3725QDA ParaLink Coulter Drill. This model adds to Bourgault’s already extensive lineup of industry-leading seeding, planting and tillage equipment.

The 3725 Quick Depth Adjust Series offers the unique ability for independent coulter drills to adjust seeding depth quickly and easily. Seed depth adjustments can now be made in minutes without crawling under the drill!

QDA Shims

The 3725QDA uses a hydraulic cylinder and shim assembly on each rear carrier wheel to set the seed depth. Adding or removing shims changes the angle of the frame, which results in seed depth change because of the unique geometry of the PLW opener. The total range of seed depth change with the Quick Depth Adjust is 3/4".

Change frame angle to adjust seed depth


With the ability to adjust the seeding depth quickly and easily, producers can ensure they are placing the seed at the optimum depth for each field’s soil type and seeding conditions, ensuring maximum emergence and profits!

“The 3725 QDA is a dramatic evolution of the coulter drill. It is the first commercial coulter unit with this innovative feature” stated Colin Rush, North American Sales & Marketing Leader for Bourgault. “Not only does the new quick depth adjustable frame make it simple to adjust when changing crops, but it allows the producer to quickly adjust depth for changing moisture conditions. The agronomic and sustainability advantages of using the PLW seed opener now get a massive boost with the operational and logistical advantages of the QDA frame.”

This newest addition to the Bourgault line-up is available with all the same exceptional options that producers have come to expect from the manufacturer. Mid Row Banders are available on all sizes, while the exclusive Hi-Flotation running gear is available on 50’ & 60’ and standard on 70’ sizes. Size ranges are from 30’ to 70’ with spacing options of 7-1/2”, 10”, or 12”.

PLW Opener

The ParaLink Walking Opener (PLW Opener) is built with longevity in mind. The pivot points have needle bearings and greasable hardened pins, the coulters are perimeter induction hardened, and the scrapers have carbide leading edges; all leading to reduced maintenance and a lower cost of ownership.

Expect the highest degree of durability with a robust frame construction that is built heavier to achieve superior penetration where other units ride up. The popularity of the 3720 ParaLink Coulter Drill has grown steadily since its introduction in 2015. Since that time, it has been providing Producers a distinct advantage with seed depth consistency and seedbed quality. New to this family is the 3725 Quick Depth Adjust Series that offers the added benefit of adjusting seeding depth quickly and easily - on a coulter drill!

The 3725QDA is available to order now for spring 2025 use. View our Dealer Locator to find your nearest Bourgault dealer or view more information on our 3720SE & 3725QDA ParaLink Coulter Drills page.

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