Breaking Barriers - 2021 Model Year Release

Breaking Barriers
Breaking Barriers
2021 Model Year Release
Bourgault is proud to unveil the Biggest Product Release in our history, with the Breaking Barriers event. With so many new products with innovative features, we have developed an extensive set of presentations on each of these new models, and made them available at your convenience through our website and video channel.
SEEding is Believing 2020
Bourgault is providing you the opportunity to see the new products for yourself! Special arrangements have been made at our head office in St. Brieux SK and our US office in Minot ND to accomodate groups as per the COVID 19 state and provincial regulations. Contact your local Bourgault dealer to book a spot at the event closest to you!
9000 Series Air Seeder
9000 I Series Air Seeder
Optimize for Success
The 9000 I Series Air Seeders are Breaking Barriers for 2021 by taking all of the guess work out of rate application achieving seeding certainty. The NEW I Series Air Seeders are configured with up to 5 individual tanks, each capable of accurate on-the-go weight tracking. You now have actual application rate available to you in real time.
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8000 Series Air Seeder
Three Sizes in Trailing & Leading
The 8000 Series Air Seeder lineup offers a suite of premium features in a tank configuration that continues Bourgault’s legacy as the air seeder leader in the industry. Available in Leading and Trailing models, the 8000 Series offers first-in-class options for mid and large sized operations.
8000 Series Air Seeder
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3330SE & 3335QDA ParaLink™ Hoe Drills
3330SE & 3335QDA
ParaLinkTM Hoe Drills / Air Planter™ Option
Bourgault is proud to introduce the 3rd generation of the highly successful ParaLink™ Hoe Drill. Updated frame designs with an expanded range of options ensure that there is a PHD model suited for your particular seeding requirements.
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3820 ParaLink™ Coulter Drill
ParaLink™ Coulter Drill / Air Planter™ Option
The 3820 ParaLink™ Coulter Drill is unique in the marketplace as it is the first seed drill that can also be configured for planting! Equip the 3820 with the Bourgault Air Planter™ option to achieve both seeding and planting with the same implement.
3820 ParaLink™ Coulter Drill
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Bourgault Air Planter™
Air Planter™
Seed or Plant with One System
The Air Planter™ sets new standards for planting capability and productivity with the ability to direct plant in a one pass operation.
Why buy a planter and a small grains drillwhen the Bourgault Air PlanterTM can effectively accomplish both!
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XR771 & XR751 eXtended RANGE HARROWS
eXtend YOUR Harrowing Capability
The Bourgault XR Series Harrows eXtend beyond the capability of current harrows on the market, incorporating user-friendly features to achieve consistent residue management results, verified over and over by XR Operators.
XR771 & XR751 eXtended Range Harrows
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