Add more flexibility to your farm by using a Bourgault 8000 Series Air Cart.

Industry-Leading Flexibility8000 Series Air Carts


The KNEX™ Integral Tank System provides industry-leading efficiency of tank capacity, while the optional Saddle Tank™ is a smart solution for seeding low rate products such as canola or granular inoculant.

The KNEX™  Integral Tank Design

The Bourgault KNEX™ integral tank design provides unprecedented flexibility to farmers.

Combine inter-connecting tanks to optimize total tank volume for every seeding scenario with the KNEX™ Integral Tank Design.

  • 8550 and 8450 Air Carts: 30%-20%-20%-30% tank splits;
  • 8350 Air Cart: 40%-20%-40% tank splits.

Open or close the inter-connect ports between the three or four tank compartments for quick and simple tank reconfiguration.

Convenience & Flexibility

  • Fill the same product in up to three adjacent tanks and still use one PDM Pro™ Metering Auger to meter product into either the seed or fertilizer distribution systems.
  • Minimize the number of fills with the most efficient use of tank volume regardless of the product combination and rate.

Canola example above / Wheat example below

Seeding Examples

The examples on the right show how the KNEX™ System maximizes your efficiency regardless of which products are applied. In both the wheat and canola scenarios, you can expect to seed over 100 acres without having to stop to fill!

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The Saddle Tank™ increases your product carrying capacity and distribution flexibility.

Available On 8550 & 8450 Air Carts (Leading or Trailing)

The 20 bu. Saddle Tank™ option makes handling bagged product, such as Canola or granular inoculant, easy and convenient.

A dedicated metering auger allows you to direct product into your choice of distribution line.

small volume Saddle Tank™

  • The small volume Saddle Tank™ allows you to reserve the larger tanks for higher volume products.
  • Wide, metal-grate stairs, a large standing-platform and handrail make access to the Saddle Tank™ for manual handling of bagged products both safe and comfortable.
  • The Saddle Tank™ handrail includes a swing-gate for handy access from the back of a pickup truck.

Note: the X35 Apollo System is required for 5 tank metering.

Note: the 8000 Series Saddle Tank™ is not equipped with scales.

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