The proven Bourgault Class A Metering System design has served Bourgault Customers since 1980.

Product Distribution System8000 Series Air Carts



The highly effective and accurate Bourgault Distribution System offers a wide range of advantages for every Producer.

Positive Displacement Metering

The PDM Pro™ Metering Auger provides a high degree of metering accuracy and gentle seed handling.

The PDM Pro™ Metering Auger provides a high degree of metering accuracy and gentle seed handling, while minimizing the issue of product sticking when dealing with treated products.
  • Standard auger options are optimized to tank size and typical product type;
  • Steel & UHMW flighting options;
  • Well suited for Auto Section Control and Variable Rate applications;
  • Specialty auger options for very low or very high rate applications.

Designed for Accuracy

The hydraulic drive motors provide near instant rate changes while taking minimal flow.

The Hydraulic Drive Motors provide near-instant rate changes while requiring minimal hydraulic flow.

  • The hydraulic drive metering system controls up to 5 metering augers. Each auger can be manually adjusted, or programmed to a prescription map through the X35 Apollo System.
  • The near-instant rate changes ensure that you receive maximum benefits when operating your drill as a variable rate seeding system.
  • An on-tank control box allows you to charge the PDM Pro™ Metering Auger prior to the calibration process and achieve the most accurate rate while reducing steps to-and-from the tractor cab.

Standard Metering Augers

PDM Pro Metering Auger System

Overlap of throughput rates ensures flexibility for seeding different products with minimal number of fills in the field.
  • UHMW Metering Augers Use for products that are treated, sticky, or easily take on moisture.
  • Steel Metering Augers Use for products that are extremely abrasive (most notably phosphate).
  • Flighting Options Most rates required by Producers are attainable with the standard augers offered, with generous overlap between options. For extremely high or low rates, specialty augers are available. Refer to Specifications.

Specialty Metering Augers

Special augers are available for very low rates and fine seed, as well as very high rate, course products. Open the Metering Auger Specifications link below for details.

Easy Clean-Out

The PDM Pro design features a UMHW auger, liner and orifice.

The PDM Pro™ meters down to an amazingly low 6 cups of product, leaving very little for cleanup. The large, flow-through positive displacement sump allows for easy and complete tank clean-out and metering auger inspection.

  • When switching products, simply remove the sump plate and direct contents into the Unload Auger/Conveyor or back into the product bag.
  • The sump design provides an even and consistent draw of product, even at low tank levels. Wide metering rolls used on competitors’ models may experience uneven product draw at low tank levels as the product is metered.

PDM Pro™ Specifications

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The 8000 Series Straight-Through Primary Distribution System makes it easy for you to configure your Air Seeder to match your needs for the given crop.

8000 Series EvenstreamPLUS™ Distribution

  • Conveniently direct product from any of the air cart tanks into either the seed or the MRB® fertilizer lines when configured for double-shoot.
  • The single-point drop tube facilitates clean and easy clean-out for quicker product turnaround.
  • Single-shoot distribution systems are also available for delivery to the seed boots only, or, in combination with a liquid or NH3 application system.


The EvenStream™ primary provides outstanding distribution accuracy in a wide range of products.

Product Distribution System

TheEvenStreamPLUS™ Distribution System sets the standard in the air seeding industry by:

  • ensuring lower variation at higher application rates;
  • maintaining that lower variation even at higher fan speeds; and,
  • by achieving these first two goals with the most challenging of products.

Available in single, double, or TriMax™ Triple-Shoot configurations.

EvenStream™ Plus

Download the complete PAMI report "Final Report – Seeding System Distribution Testing & Validation: Project No. A20039P, PAMI" to see how the Bourgault EvenStreamPLUS™ performs with real world product application rates.

EvenStream™ Primary Distribution

The Class A EvenStream™ Distribution System provides outstanding performance in distribution accuracy even at high application rates. Centering vanes and ribbed plastic inserts positioned above the primary manifold ensure that product is positioned to achieve even distribution at the boot. The EvenStream™ Primary Distribution design has been proven over thousands of tests and verified in-field delivering even distribution over the wide range of rates and products expected in today's market.

How it works:

The EvenStream™ centers the product prior to the primary manifold.

  • a vertical centered turning vane in the upper riser “S-pipe” keeps product centered when making the first 40° turn prior to the bellows;
  • after the bellows, a centering ring channels the product suspended in the air flow to the center of the pipe; next,
  • a horizontal offset vane continues around the 90° turn of the elbow to help center the flow into the vertical section;
  • ribbed plastic inserts create uniform flow of air and product down the lengthened vertical section;
  • a second centering ring channels the product to the center before distributing through the primary manifold;
  • the flat, pliable inspection cap reduces the opportunity for seed damage.

Special polyurethane ribbed sections are secured inside each secondary manifold stem.The Plus - Secondary Manifold Elbows

As was done with the primary elbow, special polyurethane ribbed sections are secured inside each secondary manifold on the vertical stem:

  • the ribs center the air flow and suspended product prior to reaching the secondary manifold located on top of the elbow;
  • a joint located between the curve of the elbow and the vertical section allows for inspection of the sections to check for wear.

The result is enhanced distribution uniformity measured at each opener.

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Air Cart FANS

The 8000 Air Seeders' fans move a large volume of air to provide accurate and consistent product rates.

Dedicated fans for each primary line ensure:

  • appropriate air volume (even for high rates);
  • maximized efficiency;
  • simplified settings; and,
  • minimal plugging problems.

Bourgault incorporates a fan into each distribution stream to maximize efficiency, simplify settings and to minimize any plugging problems.

To cover the wide range of drill sizes and application rates, Bourgault offers 2 fan options for the 8000 Series Air Carts (Standard and High-Speed).

  • When choosing your air cart fan, it is important to consider both the hydraulic capacity of the tractor, as well as the air drill size.  Refer to 8000 Series Specifications for hydraulic requirements.
  • Bourgault provides detailed Recommended Fan Speed Settings to help Producers set the optimal fan speed for a wide range of product types and rates. Refer to the 8000 Series section of the Customer Service Center for this and other reference information for this series.

7000 Series Fan Shield

Fan Shield

Certain conditions cause material kicked up by the air cart tire to collect on the fan intake. Fan Shields help reduce the build-up of chaff on the fan screens.


Spinning Fan Screen

Spinning Fan Screen Option

On occasion, wind and straw conditions are such that straw can build-up on the intake screen of the air cart fan(s).  Build-up can cause reduced fan performance which may lead to plugging of the air kit.  Bourgault offers a Spinning Fan Screen to reduce the straw build-up in windy or loose residue conditions.
Contact your Dealer Parts Deptartment to order the Spinning Fan Screen option.


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8000 Series Air Seeder Dual Auto Section Control

Available on 8550 Trailing and All 8000 Leading Models

Control individual section on/off timings, as well as control seed opener and Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicator timings separately, to further minimize product application overlap with DualASC™.

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Use Dual ASC™ for Finer Control & More Savings

Producers can set the geometry and on/off timings individually for seed and fertilizer, allowing for even more refined settings that further reduce overlap and increase savings (this feature also applies to NH3 or liquid fertilizer application).

The Dual ASC feature will close sections off as the drill moves into seeded areas.

X35 Apollo Control

The X35 Apollo System shuts off product flow to the section(s) when the drill travels into a seeded area. At the same time, the metering auger speed is adjusted to maintain the set rate on the remaining sections.

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8000 Series Air Seeder Dual Auto Section Control

Set and check your rates in minutes with the hydraulic calibration feature. An on-tank control box allows you to charge the PDM Pro™ Metering Auger and begin the calibration process, without going back to the tractor cab to engage the metering drive!

  • The hydraulic control located on the air seeder frame allows you to manage the size of the sample.
  • It is effortless to obtain a large sample for even low-rate products such as canola, and achieve a very accurate rate.
  • Typical seeding speed is set in the cab of the tractor prior to the start of calibration.

Operate the X35 outside the tractor cab for critical operations.

Use X35 Apollo Xtend

Incorporate the X35 Apollo Xtend feature to a smartphone or tablet and you can perform the entire calibration process without leaving the side of the air seeder.


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