9000 Series Air Cart feature high capacity conveyors.

Effective Product Transfer9000 I Series Air Carts


More Time Seeding

The industry-leading product transfer options from Bourgault will mean less time loading or unloading the cart and more time placing seed in the ground.

High Capacity Conveyors

Renown for high capacity, gentleness on seed and easy clean-out.

Time and energy saved while transferring product means you can seed more acres per day. Due to the demand for high capacity, gentleness on seed and easy clean-out, Bourgault has made conveyors standard on 9000 I Series Air Carts.

  • 10" dia. - 110 bu./min.
  • 12" dia. - 210 bu./min.

Rates based on dry barley.


Tow Behind Air Carts

  • The 91300 Air Cart is available with a 12" diameter conveyor with a 20" belt.
  • The 9950 and 9650 Air Carts are available with a 10" diameter conveyor with a 15" belt.
  • All conveyors are operated by a remote control.

The leading L9650 and L9950 Air Carts are equipped with the industry first Folding Conveyor.

Folding Conveyors - Leading Carts

Conveyor transport length presents a major challenge on leading air carts. Bourgault engineers have developed the solution to this challenge in the industry-first folding conveyor for the leading L9650 and L9950s.

  • The folding conveyor is 10" in diameter with a 15" belt.
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The BulkBoom™ System

The BulkBoom™ provides convenient handling of bagged product.

The BulkBoom™ Product Transfer System option makes loading minibulk bags of seed, fertilizer or inoculant both more convenient and efficient. The BulkBoom™ allows the Operator to fill the Saddle Tank™ with minibulk bags without having to worry about transporting a front end loader or forklift to the field.

Lift totes to the Saddle Tank™ or small tank on the air seeder.
  • The BulkBoom™ Product Transfer option is designed to lift a maximum of 2,400 lb from the ground or truck box, up to the Saddle Tank™, or up to the tank top (tank 3 on the 91300, 9950 and 9650, or tank 2 on the L9950 and L9650).
  • The Storage Platform (situated directly behind the Saddle Tank™) allows the Operator to carry an extra mini-bulk bag, or pallet of small bags on the tank for in-field convenience.
  • With the BulkBoom’s dedicated remote control, the Operator can maneuver the BulkBoom™ from any location around the air cart.

Watch the BulkBoom™ Operate

Shown on a 7000 Series Air Cart in this video, the BulkBoom™ operates in the same manner on the 9000 I Series Air Cart.
  • The BulkBoom™ allows you to load a minibulk back in the field without additional equipment.
  • Available on all 9000 I Series Air Carts.
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The FillChute™ Option

The FillChute™ option allows the Saddle Tank™ to be filled with the conveyor.

Available on 9000 & 8000 Series Air Carts with optional Saddle Tanks™

The FillChute™ Product Transfer option is a simple, yet convenient feature, that allows the Operator to fill the Saddle Tank™ with the cart's conveyor. This is especially handy for adding the same product to the Saddle Tank™ as one of the four main tanks to extend its acres per fill.

Note: The Saddle Tank is not available for the Model 8350 Leading or Trailing air carts.


The BagLift™ Option

The BagLift™ Option - Bag Transfer System

Available on 9000 & 8000 Series Air Carts. 

You no longer have to endanger your safety by lugging heavy bagged seed up the tank stairs. Now you can safely and easily transfer your bagged product to the tank top via the remote operated hydraulic lift system.

  • The BagLift™ Product Transfer option is rated for transferring a 440 lb load of bagged seed from the ground to the top of the tank (this is equivalent to about eight, 55 lb bagged seed),
  • Oil flow is diverted from the air cart fan system when the lift is in operation.
  • Available on units without the Saddle Tank™ or BulkBoom™ options.
  • Not available for the 91300 Model.

This feature is not intended for the elevation of anything except bagged seed.

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