FMS 9120 CD SpecificationsCD Frame Mounted Seeders™

General Specifications

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Model I Series CD9120 FMS™
Total Tank Volume (bu) 300
with Wing Tank (bu) 350
T1 (bu) 125
T2 (bu) 175
Wing Tank (optional) (bu) 50
Tank Tire Options Singles - IF800/70R38
Singles - IF850/75R42
Duals - IF710/70R42
Drill Working Width 40'
Spacing Options 7½", 10", 12"
Drill Tire Options
Main Frame

Base Model - 380/55R16.5
HF Model - 21.5x16.1SL

Front Wing

Base Model - 13.5x15FID
HF Model - 21.5x16.1SL

Rear Wing

Base Model - 13.5x15FID
HF Model - 380/55R16.5

Transport Width 19'4"
Transport Height 15'3"
Weight (lb)
7½" 51,750
7½" w MRBs® 59,250
10" 48,550
10" w MRBs® 53,650
12" 46,750
12" w MRBs 50,350
Air Planter™ Option Adds 1,600 lb
Brakes Surge Brakes (Optional)
Load Conveyor Paddle Conveyor
with Infeed Belt (Optional)
Rear Tow Hitch Standard
Run Blockage Agtron or Topcon (Optional)
Packer Options 4½" Semi-Pneumatic, V-Style;
4½" Semi-Pneumatic, Double Offset
4½" Semi-Pneumatic, Double Shoulder
Operating Systems X35 or ISO Apollo
Drill Control GaugeMaster™ (Option on PLR Opener)
PackMaster™ (Option on PLW Opener)
LiftMaster™ (Option on PLR & PLW)
Seed Opener/MRB® Optional

All weights and transport dimensions are estimates and are subject to change.

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